How To Keep Your Customers During The Pandemic

How To Keep Your Customers During The Pandemic
How To Keep Your Customers During The Pandemic

Social distancing might be good for the public during the coronavirus outbreak, but it can be a killer for small businesses. Foot traffic has dropped dramatically since the start of the outbreak, as customers are more cautious and stay at home to self-quarantine. A lot of businesses are naturally very worried about the impact of the pandemic and worry that the impact will be longer-lasting than anticipated. As a result, business owners in all industries are looking for areas to invest in that will help them keep their customers during the lockdown and beyond. Here are some ways to keep your customers engaged with you until things are back to normal. 

Communicate Proactively With Your Customers

The situation is changing all the time and nobody quite knows what new challenges will arise each day. Customers can empathize with business owners that are struggling, as long as you keep communicating with them properly throughout. Make sure you let your customers know if you’re closing your doors temporarily, changing your hours or taking a Flex Fleet Rental’s 4×4 option to offer more delivery slots. Tell them what steps you’re taking to keep your employees and work environment clean and safe. 

If your store is closing, tell your customers on social media, via email, and on your website. If your store will be remaining open, clearly explain the steps you’re taking to lessen the risk. You could create a flyer explaining these measures and hang it for customers to see. 

Beyond letting your customers know the logistics of the approach you’re taking, give them a way to stay in touch with you. Customers who spend more time at home will still need and want to shop for things. Direct your customers to your online store, let them make order through social media and be prepared for more people to look at your website than usual.

Promote Your Gift Cards

Gift cards give you an immediate injection of cash and guarantee that a customer will return to your business in the future, a reassurance that you need right now. This is especially useful for businesses like restaurants, where margins are already very thin. Gift cards can help you to survive until this crisis has passed. 

Stream Or Video Chat Your Services

Go digital with your services to keeping providing access to your customers who are at home, wanting to support you. Tutors, gym instructors, therapists and other professionals are offering services virtually. Use a free tool like Skype or Zoom, or look at video options that put your content behind a paywall, so people have to pay a fee to access it. 

Think about what you could offer online. If you’re a personal trainer, you could share a series of video of at-home workouts, using minimal equipment. Salon owners could share tips on DIY root touch-ups. Manicurists could share how to safely remove gel or acrylic nails yourself at home. Think about what people might want, and stay in touch with them throughout these strange times. 

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