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How to Make a Birthday Video with This Online Video Maker?

How to Make a Birthday Video with This Online Video Maker
How to Make a Birthday Video with This Online Video Maker

Birthdays are a great way to showcase your love and appreciation for someone special. Years back, people would really appreciate something as simple as a personal greeting. Even a birthday card is enough to get anyone giddy and excited. If you are looking to impress someone, then you need to step up by making a video greeting. You don’t know how to edit a video? Then let us introduce you to an online video maker and its wonders.

An online video maker is essentially a tool that allows you to edit videos through your browser. It’s different from tools like Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere in many ways. For starters, you don’t need to download or install anything heavy to your computer. An online video maker is easily accessible from any browser.

Another key difference is that most online video makers are free. Either that or they are very cheap. Some online video makers don’t charge you anything. There are those that really don’t charge you anything up until you need to download the final product. As compared to high-end video makers, you don’t have to spend too much on an online video maker.

Understanding Your Video Maker

The most important difference when it comes to using an online video maker is that it is easy to use. It can take a professional video editor years to master the use of high-end editing tools. However, when it comes to an online video maker, all you really need is to learn about the basics of an online video maker.

In terms of capabilities, an online video maker is of course, less superior than high-end editors. However, if it’s for small tasks like a video greeting, it would be more than enough. You’re not making a Hollywood movie after all. Let’s be honest, it’s a big overkill to use Adobe Premiere of Sony Vegas Pro to say happy birthday!

An online video maker is more than enough to help you make an excellent greeting. A lot of people tend to overlook this fact. The more you master it, the better you become at making videos too. Now, let’s move on to an important part. Actually using a video maker to make the greeting. Here’s a basic guide on how you can do so.

Making A Birthday Video

The first thing that you need to do is to make the raw footage. This is you giving your birthday greetings. As you are likely to incorporate other footages as well, you need to make sure that the resolution is similar. While an online video maker tries to automatically adjust resolution, it’s better to come prepared.

If you use a small resolution video with a large resolution video, the results are drastic. The small resolution video could be stretched out to accommodate the other video. You’ll end up getting a poorly made video.

You don’t need to worry too much about video quality as there are adjusters available to help you make it better. Some sliders include sharpness, brightness, and color. Some video makers have a lot of ways you can adjust a video.

An Online Video Maker to the Rescue

Next, you need to pick a good online video maker to do the job. Keep in mind that there are many types of online video makers out there. If you aren’t sure which one is the best, look for reviews first. What you should look for are either free or cheap video makers that have a ton of features. These will help you make the best birthday video.

After you’ve chosen your video maker, drag all of your videos into the program. This is one of the best parts of making the video as it gives you a glimpse of the final output already. Any video you drag into the workspace will be placed there immediately. You can connect videos, crop, and make transitions between them.

Bring Your Birthday Video to Life

Once you have an idea of how the birthday video will look like, it’s time to add special effects and transitions. All online video makers have these. This will help bring your birthday video to life. As there are many to choose from, make sure to weigh your choices heavily. This is a birthday video mind you. It’s a must that your video looks as exciting and happy as possible.

Throughout the process of making the video, you’ll be getting more and more ideas. The final output could get ruined if you are too overwhelmed. As much as possible, make it as simple as you can. The last thing you’d want is a birthday greeting that’s a hodgepodge of ideas combined. Remember to make it simple and personal too.

Once you are done with your video, you can easily render it from the program itself. There are many file types available. There’s .mp4, .avi, and many others. We highly suggest rendering the video in .avi format as this is easily accessible by various programs. When rendering, make sure you pick the highest resolution possible fo that last amazing touch.

If you aren’t happy with the final output, keep in mind that you can restart and do it again. Online video makers give you endless possibilities. You can edit videos as much as you like without having to worry about paying for anything. Once you have your video ready, simply post it or send it to the lucky person.

Why Choose An Online Video Maker?

The most apparent reason is that online video makers are very easy to use. It’s a tool that can be used by just about anyone too. Even if you’re a person who has never touched a video editor before, an online video maker is your best friend. Even if you’ve never touched any kind of software before, you can make an excellent video.

It’s amazing how an online video maker can help change your life. Though simple, such tools have saved many others. It’s not just used for birthday videos. It can also be used for ads, YouTube intros, and much more. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for such amazing video editing tools. Hopefully, we get some better features in the future as well.

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