How To Make Your Finance Content Simple And Clear For Clients?

How To Make Your Finance Content Simple And Clear For Clients?

The rapid development of the post-industrial economy has allowed sites for the virtual sector to flourish. In 2023, there will be even more people who need authoring content on currencies and ICOs. Professional copywriters who understand stock, commodities, commodity markets, currencies and stocks, futures, and derivatives are always in demand.

Finance content: what is it?

Finance content unites everyone, who is related to the investment and speculative segment of the economy. These are trading platforms, cryptocurrency news sites, finance companies, cryptocurrency projects, private blogs about money, and forums about how to make money. Finance content is investments, microeconomics, financial planning, and risk management. Personal  financial copywriters should write about real events, and rely on authoritative information sources from books, magazines, and interviews with reputable people; these are expert-level articles, long-read “how to solve a problem” or “what tool to choose for investment”, expert advice, life hacks on vital issues.

The content should have articles on stock exchange news, contain publications on cryptocurrency, be able to deal with the intricacies of exchange rates, and study consumer behavior in times of crisis, boom, and stagnation. The author will calculate the cost of service products, explain the reports, explain the calculations, and help understand the analytics. He will disclose cases on financial instruments, which will allow him to multiply funds, and increase capital with minimum risk. The copywriter will explain how to make a financial plan, how to give money to for trust management, and why individual accounts are started. What makes financial content successful?

For financial content to be interesting, you can’t forget about entertaining articles. But in doing so, in a sense, your reputation as a very serious business suffers. But you can’t exclude this content completely either, otherwise, users will start to be afraid of you and less likely to contact you in the comments.

An interesting format here could be newsjacking, that is, playing around with global trending news in the context of your company. You can also participate in flash mobs and other fun community activities.

Financial copywriters should include educational content in their publications. On the one hand, it’s not the most important content from a business perspective; it doesn’t directly impact sales and engagement. But such content allows you to build a culture of consumption of your service. Educational content helps your clients develop, they become more successful and advanced, and your company grows as your consumers grow.

You can’t forget about commercial content. This is the piece of content that directly promotes your service. The best financial copywriting examples include such content for their customers.

Finance content should include authoring content that your customers generate. This is where you need to focus on the media format, for example, forums and blogs are perfect for this type of content. Users discussing your company and your content helps generate unique content ― increasing your web penetration, and helping SEO.

Financial copywriters help keep up with new trends in your field or innovations in your company. Maximizing your social media presence helps get any important message out to your audience.

This way, our values and the value you bring to your users will create a strong community around you that will help grow and sustain your business. This is one of the main reasons to be very engaged with social media in every company. Developing the main platforms, advertising, contests, and opinion leaders can help. 

How to make content simple and clear for the target audience

Those for whom we write, according to the level of knowledge and interest in the subject can be divided into several categories:

 – Professionals in finance, interested in the subject;

 – The masses or indifferent to the subject people; 

– Those who ignore the topic of money in their lives.

Financial copywriters should give useful information for interested people, and for indifferent people ― try to hook and try to penetrate the topic. Think about who your reader is and how they live their lives. Speak his language, and give examples that he understands. 

You can choose who you write for. A housewife and a retiree are different readers. They may be interested in the same topic ― for example, a deposit. But you can present the information in the text in different ways, using the idea of your reader. Detail for yourself his portrait, his problems, his hopes, his attitude to money. Based on this, you can imagine a particular person (real or fictional) and write a text addressing him.

Financial copywriters should think through the structure of the text. There must be composition in all content. How do you structure a text to be read to the end? First grab attention (a question, an unusual fact, a strong emotion, intrigue), then that attention must be held and at the end engage in dialogue or action (a question, a request, waiting for the next publication).

  1. Briefly state the topic. This ignites the reader’s initial interest. The goal is to get them to start listening. The method is to ask a question, say a catchphrase, and name the audience.
  2. Describe what you are going to talk about. Literally in three sentences and in simple language.
  3. Make it clear why this text is important to read to the end. Relate the topic to possible personal experiences of the reader, and his or her immediate problems.
  4. Complete narration. Detailed structured narrative, and basic information on the topic.
  5. Summarize (briefly). This way the reader will absorb the information better.
  6. Metaphor, demonstration. The task is to show the reader how what is written will help him, and how it will make his life better. The more vividly you draw the image, the more accurately you choose a metaphor, the better.
  7. Final kicker. A short succinct phrase. The kicker should be emotional, concise, and memorable.

Financial copywriters use a phrase guide and link phrases that help for a smooth transition between parts of the text.

Storytelling will help make the text interesting. Use techniques, rules, and guidelines to compose quality texts with a focus not on the aesthetic, or literary side, but on the practical side. Storytelling is based on the principles of storytelling: there must be a hero, intrigue, conflict, climax, and denouement. Financial copywriters divide the narrative into semantic paragraphs so that the reader doesn’t get confused in a large text.

If financial content is a great source of comprehensible information, such content will help to get traffic, gain the trust of users and take a high position in the market. 

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