How To Make Your Next Road Trip More Sustainable

How To Make Your Next Road Trip More Sustainable

Road trips are perfect for adventurous individuals. However, it’s quite clear that it isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to holiday. 

The very nature of road trips can’t be helped, so consider these tips before you travel for a clean conscience and a cleaner planet. 

Take A Portable Power Station 

You’re bound to need to recharge your devices. To make your trip more sustainable, you might ask yourself: portable gas or battery power?

Both can supply off-the-grid energy and can be portable. However, the benefits of having a portable battery power station include:

  • Quieter than gas generators
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors 
  • Saves you money over time
  • Multiple power options

With a portable power station, you can recharge your devices in a cleaner, greener way. Plus, buying a portable power station that uses solar panels can create and store solar energy, making your trip even more sustainable. 

Choose Your Vehicle Wisely 

Going on a road trip will contribute to CO2 emissions, which can’t be helped.  But if you choose your vehicle wisely, you can reduce them.

So why not go electric? While experts raise that cars shouldn’t be driven to reduce emissions, electric cars have a greener carbon footprint throughout their lifetime. In choosing your locations wisely, you can drive to areas that can be walked around, lessening the need for vehicles.

Go Plastic Free

Don’t buy anything in plastic wrapping, including sandwiches and drinks at service stations. It can be tricky at times but if you prepare, you might find it easier than you thought. 

With tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean and coastal areas, say no to plastic water bottles and buy a stainless steel water bottle instead. 

Give Back

Chances are, on your road trip you will go to some amazing places, including expanses of nature. To make your trip more sustainable, schedule some time to give back in whatever way you can. This could be:

  • Spending ten minutes a day picking up litter (including your own)
  • If you need accommodation, seek out environmentally-friendly places
  • Eat locally, rather than buying food from a gas station
  • Donate to charities assisting with the fight against climate change

Pack Light 

Packing light is a great way to avoid wasting your holiday time sifting through clothes and also helps the planet. The heavier your bags, the more fuel your vehicle will have to use. So when you’re packing, ask yourself, ‘Do I need this?’ 

Imagine you have to carry it all on your back, and you’ll soon find out what you need to keep and what you can afford to leave at home.

Get Exploring!

You’ll make a difference even if you only adopt one of these tips. But why not push yourself to try all of them so that you can enjoy your holiday knowing the little changes you’ve made are contributing to a cleaner planet? 

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