How to Plan Effectively for a Family Relocation That Won’t Lead to Excess Stress and Anxiety

Getting ready to relocate can be an exciting time – but with the number of preparations necessary to make ahead of the move, it can be a stressful period, too. Use the checklist below to keep things on track and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Explain Things to The Kids

Making sure your kids understand what’s going to happen and when will help ease any uncertainties or anxieties that they feel about the move. Listen to their fears and help them get their head around the process. It can be really helpful to take your children, if possible, to visit the new home and the neighborhood, so that they can get an idea of what their new life will look like.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with your child’s current school as early as possible prior to the move both to advise the school that your child will no longer be in class beyond a certain date, but also to make their teachers aware of the situation, so that they can provide your child with support should it be required.

Contact schools in the new area to arrange a visit to help you decide which to choose for your child. You could also check with your estate agent, who will probably have plenty of information regarding the various educational establishments in the locale.

Help your child gather the contact details of the friends that they would like to stay in touch with; you may want to arrange a going-away party, too, so that your children can spend some special time with their friends before the move.

Proper Packing

If your kids are old enough, get everyone in the family involved in the packing process. A house move is a perfect time to have a clear-out to prevent carting unneeded items to the new property. Encourage your children to think about what toys or games they no longer play with or use, and suggest that these could be donated.

Create a plan to pack up each room in the current house, and mark each box clearly, along with the location it needs to be taken to in the new home. You will probably require a shipping company to get all your belongings moved in a smooth and timely fashion. If you’re not sure what shipping option is right for you, read this article for more information on uShip: this company acts as a marketplace for users to find shipping services that fit their particular needs. As well as furniture, use this platform to find shipping provisions for motorcycles and other vehicles, boats, and heavy equipment.

Gather Documentation

Getting together the important documents you’ll need in the wake of the move in good time will help reduce stress as the time for the relocation nears. It’s important to obtain copies of the medical records of your family members so that you’re ready to sign up for a new practice in your new location. Asking your current doctor for a recommendation of a high-quality healthcare provider in the neighborhood to which you’re moving is a wise move, too. If you have a pet, getting their medical records from their veterinarian is also a good idea.

Make sure that you have all your important identification documents and bank cards to hand and safe, ready for moving day, somewhere that they will remain easy to access, just in case they’re required.

Consider Your Pets

If your new home is some distance from your current one, then you’ll need to think about how best to move your pet(s). You may decide that they’ll be able to travel in the car with you without a problem; your other options are to move your pet by plane or to instruct a specialist pet-moving company to help with this side of things.

Preparing For The Big Day

Once there are just a few days to go before moving day, then think about some preparations to make the big day go off without a hitch. If you’re moving a significant distance away and a long journey is involved, consider putting together some fun activities for the kids to enjoy in the car. Cute sticker sheets, travel games, or a new game for a hand-held console could make a big difference to the trip.

Put together some snack boxes for the adults and children alike! Add some treats, too: this is a special day, after all, and make sure you’ve got plenty of drinks to hand for the journey, 

Pack a first-night box for each member of the family, with the essential items that they’ll need for those initial moments in the new home. These could include nightwear, toiletries, books, contact lens solutions, soft toys, etc. Also, it’s a great idea to put together a meal plan for the first few nights in the new property – ideally, things you can grab quickly that require little or no prep. Booking a grocery delivery to arrive during your second day in the home could be really helpful and could save you a significant amount of money on eating out or takeaway delivery orders.

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