How To Protect Your Home From Heat this Summer

How To Protect Your Home From Heat this Summer

Now that we’re firmly in July and we have a heat wave coming shortly, now is a good time to take a refresher on how you can keep your home and yourself to cool this Summer.

While for some people, keeping cool is second nature, if you live in an area where you’re more accustomed to cold weather than hot weather, then a heatwave can come as a shock and catch you unprepared. So, read on and find out how you can protect your home from the heat!

Install Awnings Over South Facing Windows

If your home has south-facing windows, then it’s likely that whatever room they’re in gets incredibly warm during the Summer. Because of how the Sun moves throughout the day, eastward windows will get Sun in the morning, westward windows will get Sun in the evening, but south-facing windows will have Sun on them for most of the day.

So, to help cool down your rooms with south-facing windows, you should install awnings over these windows. Having an awning over south-facing windows will limit how much Sun gets directed at your windows through the day by providing shade. By having awnings up, you should notice these rooms are much cooler during the day as your windows are shaded.

Create A Breeze On The Inside Of Your Home

On a hot day, there’s no better feeling than a nice cold breeze, your desire for a gentle breeze may even prompt you to open up the windows and blinds in your home to let in some fresh air from outside. But, by opening your blinds and curtains, you’ll only end up making your home hotter as hot air and heat from the Sun can easily pour into your home unimpeded.

So, you need to keep your windows and blinds closed during the day to keep your home cool, but then, how do you get a breeze going? Well, you should look to purchase fans for your home, whether they’re freestanding tower fans, desk fans or even ceiling-mounted fans. By having your fans strategically positioned and turned on, you’ll generate a nice breeze to keep you cool and circulate air around your home.

Cover Windows With Solar Reflective Blinds

Creating shade in your home is incredibly important to help you keep cool in Summer, but shade only goes so far and even with your blinds closed, some extra heat may still make it’s way into your home through your windows, which will slowly heat your home up throughout the day.

So, to help shade your home and stop your home heating up through the windows, you should look into DotcomBlinds’ range of XL blinds which can be made with a Solar Reflective coating. This solar reflective coating will bounce heat and light off of the coating and away from your windows, which will keep the inside of your home much cooler than a normal set of blinds.

Don’t Create Additional Heat Within Your Home

If you’re reading this article, then your home is likely hot enough as it is, but there are lots of everyday things you may be doing that are only making your home warmer than it needs to be. Electronic devices, kitchen appliances, and making hot water all generate heat, which means that you’re just warming up your already hot home.

During the Summer months, you should try to avoid generating any extra heat inside your home that isn’t 100% necessary. One big example of this is avoiding using your oven, obviously when in use ovens generate a lot of heat, so during warm days look for other ways to prepare food, like eating cold food or cooking outside on a BBQ. Whatever you do, just make sure you avoid doing things around your home, which will only heat your home up even more.