How To Start An SEO Agency That Works For Clients: Our Practical Guide  

How To Start An SEO Agency That Works For Clients: Our Practical Guide  
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With the world moving online thanks to a number of factors, including the pandemic and the increasing accessibility of technology, it’s clear to see that SEO is more important right now than ever before. 

Search engine optimization requires a lot of skill and expertise, which is why many businesses choose to outsource this service. 

Therefore, launching an SEO agency could be a lucrative and exciting adventure for an intrepid entrepreneur. 

Still, it’s also a highly-competitive market, with many freelancers and business leaders entering it over recent years. 

So, if you’re thinking about starting an SEO business to put your skills to good use, then here are some practical tips to get you off on the right track. 

Consider The Services You Will Offer

SEO encompasses four main practices: off-page, on-page, local and technical SEO. Each of these practices involves a variety of different techniques, such as link building, website auditing, content writing and others. Before you start an SEO agency, you should narrow down the services that you will offer in-house and if you will offer additional solutions by partnering with other agencies.

Hire The Right Team Members 

Once you know what SEO services you’re going to specialise in, you need to consider hiring staff members to support you. While you might have many of these skills, you won’t have the time to do everything yourself. Also, additional team members can bring in their unique experience and industry knowledge, which could benefit your clients. Consider starting by working with freelancers and then offering them an in-house position if you feel that they are a good fit. This approach will allow you to scale the cost of hiring employees, which is crucial for an SEO agency that’s just starting out. 

Consider A Franchise 

Launching your own SEO agency can be difficult, especially as you’ll not only be using your expertise in the digital market but also in the business landscape. If you don’t know much about running a business or want some support doing so, then consider taking on a franchise instead of launching a new company. There are many franchise opportunities available from Franchise Local, so that you can find one in the SEO market and your chosen niche that will suit your target market. 

Choose Scalable Software Solutions 

Launching an SEO agency means finding the right software solutions that will allow you to audit your clients’ websites, understand their rankings and how you can help them to improve. Most of these software products have subscription services, but some have a fixed fee, while others offer scalable solutions. Choose SEO software tools that allow you to pay for only as much support as you use. As you grow your business, you can choose a larger plan to meet your expanding needs. 

Every new SEO start-up is different, so make sure that you’re flexible and adapt as required. This list of tips should help you to get started in the highly competitive SEO market. 

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