How Your Smartphone Can Help Your Business Grow

How Your Smartphone Can Help Your Business Grow

A few years ago, and definitely within the living memory of the majority of business professionals today, there were no cell phones. There were no tablets or other mobile devices, with the exception of basic telephones that could only make and receive calls and maybe send and receive text messages. However, technology has grown tremendously, and today a smartphone or tablet can truly boost our companies in a number of good ways, providing customers with additional options and increasing your company’s bottom line. Here are some of the reasons why smartphones are becoming a crucial work tool when they were formerly mostly used for entertainment.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses 

Operating a company can be expensive, and if you don’t keep track of your spending, it may be far more expensive than it should be. If you have a tablet or smartphone, you can download a variety of applications that allow you to keep track of all of your outgoings in one location. For instance, you might be able to upload photographs of receipts and arrange them in a cloud-based system. This makes doing your taxes much faster and simpler than bringing a bundle of crumpled receipts to your accountant.

These applications are particularly excellent for budgeting since, after you’ve set spending restrictions, they can alert you when you’re over them. With this approach, you can re-evaluate your budget or expenditure before it becomes a problem, perhaps preventing a serious issue from arising.

Present To Your Customers 

A business owner must sometimes give presentations. This might be to acquire a large, new corporate customer or to educate end-users about a product. Carrying a large amount of equipment to your meeting and worrying about how to set it up can make your company appear less professional than it actually is. However, bringing a tablet (or even a smartphone) that is simple to set up and, thanks to intuitive apps, simple to create presentations on can make a significant difference. This can demonstrate your professionalism to your clients.

If you have the correct apps, you can even construct a presentation on the go, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need to teach someone about your company, you can do it with a few clicks and produce something that is not just instructive but also customized.

Spread Your Message 

If you leave the home without your phone, you may feel like you’re missing out on something, even if you don’t plan to use it. In light of this, it makes sense to utilize our cell phones as advertising space since they will be with us everywhere. For example, every time you use your phone, you’ll be able to promote your business with a custom iPhone cover that has your logo and website URL on the back. Plus, there are other ideas you can include as well. 

Something important to remember about this point is that if you intend people to see your iPhone and its useful advertising cover or case, the phone itself should be in good repair. A cracked screen looks bad and gives an unfortunate impression of your business to anyone who sees it. Invest in an iPhone repair as soon as you see it’s necessary, and you’ll give a much better impression.  

Be Responsive 

Most of the time, a business that responds quickly to customer needs does well. This is why it pays to answer phone calls, emails, and comments on social media as soon as you can. But if your business is mobile, you might not always be in the office in front of a computer. So, you can stay on top of customer inquiries with a smartphone or tablet and answer them much faster than if you had to wait until you got back to the office. By then, especially if you have a full day ahead of you, the customer who asked the question may have found another company that answered it faster and, as a result, made a purchase from them. When you can be more responsive, thanks to mobile technology, this problem is much less likely to occur. 

Take Orders 

You may have already seen someone use a mobile device to take orders from customers. Waiters and waitresses are more and more likely to use mobile devices to take orders from customers and send them straight to the kitchen, for example. This speeds up the whole process and makes things much better for the customers. By tapping the order into a smart device instead of writing it down or even just remembering what was said, there is less room for error. Also, the servers can talk to their customers more, which makes the whole experience more pleasant for everyone.

You don’t have to use these devices only in restaurants and bars. With the right tools, they can be used to sell almost anything. You can have an app made for your business that lets you take care of orders on the spot instead of having to go back to the office or ask your customers to fill out long forms. As a bonus, this means that less paper will be printed and used, which is good for the environment.

Accept Payment 

What if, in addition to receiving orders from your customers, you were also able to handle their payments if that turned out to be necessary? There are a lot of apps out there that will let you do this, and once you do it, the money will show up in your checking account right away.

This means that you can accept credit cards and debit cards without the requirement for a specialized merchant machine. This also means that you don’t have to reject potential customers who don’t have cash on them since they can still make a purchase from you even if they don’t have cash. If you provide each of your sales representatives with a tablet that is able to process payments, they will be able to generate more sales since they will not have to return to the client’s premises later to complete the payment process.

Obtain Signatures 

In certain industries, especially real estate, the signing of the contract might take a lengthy time, delaying all other aspects of the deal. However, with a tablet or smartphone, the contract can be signed instantly through the app, which means that everything can be sped up and made much more efficient. You will be paid sooner, and your client will have a better experience since their purchase will be completed more swiftly.

Carry Out Market Research 

You can learn a lot about your prospective clients, your rivals, and the current items on the market, thanks to market research. Utilize the information obtained to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

It’s impossible to know who your customers are, what they want to purchase, when they buy it and how much they pay unless you do extensive market research. Additionally, thorough market research can serve as a basis for making important business choices, such as those related to sales and marketing.

You’ll know what your target audience thinks about a given issue or trend if you do thorough market research. Setting product characteristics, price points, as well as promotions can help you to design a successful marketing plan that minimizes risk. Research also helps in concentrating resources in the areas where they are most needed. This can all be done via a smartphone with a few search inquiries or by logging into mobile apps that are specifically designed to investigate the market and your industry. 

Easy Social Networking

Over the past few years, social media sites have grown a lot. In the same way, more and more people are using these platforms. This growth is due to the growing number of people who own smartphones. As a result, you have a big chance not only to talk to your current customers but also to get a lot of new ones.

Smartphones make it possible to talk to customers at any time of day since they can read and send you texts and emails while they’re on the go. You should use this to your advantage and come up with better ways to get people to work together. Also, it doesn’t cost much to get on social media.

Even better, when you use your own iPhone to connect with your business social media accounts, you can quickly and effortlessly respond to customers on the go. 

Better Customer Service

Any company’s success hinges on its ability to provide first-rate customer service. With traditional customer service, it’s been difficult to reach this level of success. The old method, for example, cannot tell you where your consumer is located. Only by visiting your business could a customer resolve an issue.

If you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can now provide customer service while on the road. This new technology saves you the expense of sending a representative to investigate your customers’ complaints; instead, you can ask them to record a video or snap a picture of any product with which they are experiencing problems and submit it to you promptly for advice.

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