HR for Startups: Is It Necessary?

HR for Startups: Is It Necessary?

The human resources function shouldn’t have to be a chokehold for small businesses and startups. Startups are often stereotyped with sentences like “move fast and break things” or “teamwork makes the dream work.” Nowadays, these businesses value ping pong tables and bean bags, which often blur the lines between work and fun. 

Consequently, several startups don’t invest in HR early on in the business. That’s because they think HR policies can slow them down – which is wrong. 

No matter which stage or industry you’re in, every company faces the same problems. Here’s why your startup needs a team of professional HR consultants.

Regulations Compliance

Regardless of how brilliant your products or services are, if you don’t comply with the regulations, your chances of succeeding will be slim. With time, compliance issues change, and as the founder, you won’t have time to deal with any of these. 

With help from HR, you can avoid hefty fines and lawsuits. Quite simply, it keeps you out of the boiling waters of legalities.

Hiring (and Retaining) Employees

A great employee experience begins with a great hiring experience. An effective HR manager works with you to help you hire new employees. They recommend methods that can help you recruit and attract the best talent for your company. This can include:

  • Application and resume gathering
  • Placing job offers
  • Ad placement 
  • Interviewing

HR also manages terminations and layoffs. These procedures also have regulations that HR can help you meet. 

Training and Development

An employee’s experience goes well beyond hiring. How your company hires, trains, and cultivates skills in your existing employees is vital for retention. These activities also help build your brand and your reputation in the market as a remarkable employer. 

HR helps you put the best orientation, training, education, and career planning tools into place. With help from an HR professional, you can create a culture where employees are productive and happy at work. 

Employee to Upper Management Communications

As the founder, you already have too much on your plate. The last thing you’d want to entertain is your employees asking you all kinds of questions about time-offs, benefits, salaries and other problems. It’ll be a waste of time since you aren’t the right person to address these concerns. 

These problems require a team that is dedicated to these issues. When employees know they have someone they can talk to about these issues, they are more likely to be content and happy with their job. 

Performance Reviews

One stressful bit about running a business is the performance review. With help from HR, you can remove the barriers to productive employee relations since they can oversee this function for you. That includes annual reviews, exit interviews, and employee evaluations. The extent to which they’re allowed to handle this depends on your company’s size. 

Wrapping Up  

Startups can’t run their business the same way conglomerates do – but that doesn’t mean they don’t use the systems essential for growth. Having an HR leader can help you, and your business stays on the right track.

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