I 9 Form: What Is It & How to Get & Fill Out Form I-9

I 9 Form: What Is It & How to Get & Fill Out Form I-9

I-9 Form 101

Are you a small business owner in the US who’s currently planning to hire new employees? Then the fillable I-9 form may come in particularly handy. Wondering what this strange document is all about? We’ve got you covered. In this piece, we’ll go over this particular form, touch upon its specificities, provide instructions on where to get it, and let you in on how to fill it out. Stay tuned.

What Is an I 9 Form?

It’s a form that obliges newly hired workers to show their ID documents, along with the files that allow them to legally work in the country in order to verify their eligibility for the position. With that said, the USCIS I-9 form is a legitimate evaluation document for new employees. Irrespective of whether the worker is a US citizen or not, the form is a must-complete. 

Who Needs to Fill Out I 9 Form

Any individual a business hires as an employee must complete the named form. Bear in mind that in accordance with the USCIS definition, ‘employee’ is anyone performing work in return for compensation. The following categories of workers do not need to complete the form in question:

  • freelancers;
  • short-term workers hired via an agency;
  • outsourced workers operating from outside the US.

As an employer, you should store the form in one secure place and keep it ready for any inspection that could be potentially performed by the authorities. Government officials need special authorization for the inspection.

How to Get I 9 Form

Since the company HR will hardly ever provide you with this template, you will need to look for the form under your own steam. There are two methods of laying your hands on the doc. The first one is to download the template from the official USCIS site. The second method is using PDFLiner. Aside from offering limitless access to the file, the platform also provides you with all the necessary tools for filling the form out online. Furthermore, it also grants you the possibility to digitally sign and share your files with any recipient within their ecosystem. 

How to Fill Out the Blank I 9 Form

If you’re hiring new employees, then you’ll probably deal with filling out this form soon. The form is a three-page featuring 3 sections. The doc comes with detailed guidelines and instructions. Start by exploring them before switching to the completion process. 

Here is the instruction on how to complete the I-9 Form fillable & printable on

1. In Section 1, information about the employee should be included, such as their full name, contact details, birthdate, immigration status, and SSN. As a matter of fact, the section can be completed by the employee. Tick the needed box to specify your nationality. In case the worker filled out the form with the assistance of a translator, then the corresponding section of the file should be prepared and signed, too.

2. Section 2 features further details about the employee. A wide list of documents to confirm the employee’s identity and permission to work in the US should be attached, too. You will need to present either the original files or their certified copies. Please explore the form to see the complete list of the must-add docs.

3. Section 3 must be completed if the employee is being rehired. Only the employer can fill out this section. 

If you come across any difficulties filling out this form, you can always turn to professional help for clarity. Naturally, a form correctly filled out guarantees automated document workflow and problem-free cooperation with authorities. With that in mind, the best solution is to find a solid digital document management system. With a reliable PDF editing tool at your fingertips, your chances of streamlining your administrative tasks and saving heaps of your time get a mighty boost.

Don’t forget that you can now digitally sign your documents. It’s incredibly easy with a reliable e-signature tool at your disposal. Totally secure and legally binding, digital signatures are sure to take your paperwork to the next level and save you time along the way.

The Bottom Line

Are you currently hiring new employees? The I-9 form is a must-complete, that’s a given. Company expansion comes with more responsibilities, but it’s only natural. Follow the instructions provided above or ask an expert for help. At the end of the day, switching to digital file editing platforms is definitely your best bet.


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