Impeachment Articles Are Written By Trump On His Own

Impeachment Articles Are Written By Trump On His Own
Impeachment Articles Are Written By Trump On His Own

Trump is there writing his own impeachment articles. Trump has changed everything by his single tweet on twitter. Trump got aggressive and got blast over his perceived enemies. Therefore, this further resulted in very much hand wringing on the cable news. Hence, this blast is something different than the blast of Thursday. Further, this ended up changing the actual charges and ultimately files against Trump. The time was not dramatic, it only took a few moments after Yuvanovitch testified it.

Impeachment Articles Are Written By Trump On His Own
Impeachment Articles Are Written By Trump On His Own

According to Politico, Yuvanovitch testified about how mortified she felt. He told her everything that Trump wrote in July. After all this, she also responded to the tweet of Donald Trump and in an aggressive manner, she tweeted very indicating. Further from the undercover agents, it is clarified that Trump has released the transcript of his first call. All the call was read by ranking Republican. Politico further gave information that Yovanovitch is not intimidated by the tweet.

Trump in the tweet says that Impeachment is a process. Therefore, it is a political process in which you can expect House Democrats by adding another article of an Impeachment process. Hence, one of the most important things is this trump hand over the narratives to the Democrats. The narratives were handed to the Decomcrates on the day when his supports argued that Yovanovitch is not providing testimony.

Trump would escape removal from the office. Hence, the Republicans are there being the best evidence. But he is the one who is his own worst enemy. If he will keep this going on, he will himself come to the ending of his own political life.

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