Improving Customer Service Using HappyFox and Zendesk as an Example

Nowadays, digital technologies occupy an important place in the fields of business and marketing. This is due to their rapid development. For example, under vXchnge, 20.4 billion devices were connected to the internet in 2020. Moreover, in 2021, about 55% of companies that didn’t use digital transformation believed that they would start losing customers as early as the beginning of 2023.

Such trends have a particularly significant impact on the sphere of customer service. A short HappyFox vs Zendesk comparison is below to prove this. These apps stand out for their high popularity, so they are a perfect example in this case. Business owners may get more information about these applications, e.g., on

Main HappyFox and Zendesk Peculiarities

Both platforms are cloud-based. Moreover, these apps offer free subscriptions. So, business owners may try these applications before purchasing. Under clients’ reviews, HappyFox is a little more convenient to use. However, over 70% of customers recommend the described services.

What Should Be Known About Zendesk?

More than 160,000 companies worldwide apply his app to serve their clients. Business owners praise the platform for its flexibility. That’s because the service excels in wide integration options. Furthermore, the application suits small, middle, together with large businesses.

Key HappyFox Features

The platform stands out for its versatility. This is due to business owners applying the application for improving:

  • working process of their enterprises;
  • marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • support service teams operation.

The app may be used for tasks of any size. In addition, the service clients consider it better than Zendesk under the value for money ratio.

Benefits of Digital Transformation Using Zendesk and HappyFox

These applications help companies rally their teams as well as become more accessible to their customers. Furthermore, the specified services assist:

  • automate routine working processes (it helps to avoid numerous faults);
  • provide access to the enterprises’ database from any place on the planet;
  • analyze customer requirements to make them more attractive offers;
  • speed up client problem-solving.

Nay, such applications help attract more customers within social networks. This is because these services may collect personal data from the clients. Based on such information, the content quality can be significantly improved. And according to stats, in 2021, about 75% of B2B customers made purchases under the influence of information on social networks. Business owners may contact, e.g., Help Desk Migration Service to move information to HappyFox or Zendesk and start the digital transformation of their companies.

Ombir Sharma

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