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Influencer in Gaming: How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

Influencer in Gaming: How to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel

Influencers are becoming more rampant nowadays, as more companies hire them to promote their products. One of the industries that tend to use influencers a lot is the video gaming industry. So if you’re planning to start a career in becoming a gaming influencer, you’ve come to the right place.

The video gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry that utilizes influencers to market its products. These influencers earn around $23,000 on average, but some earn up to a million dollars each year, like Ninja. Becoming a gaming influencer is fairly simple once you have the equipment for it.

Equipment for Gaming and Streaming

You might have known by now that gaming is not a cheap hobby. Likewise, streaming, recording, and editing tools are also not cheap. With this in mind, this path requires you to make a sizable investment before you even start.

Console Gaming

As a gamer, it’s up to you which platform you want to use for your gaming. Some influencers use consoles, and this option is much cheaper if you consider other options out there. But it’s less sustainable.

The reality about console gaming is that it’s limited. You still have to invest in recording tools like Delgado to record games for you. You might also opt for a good external camera because recording tools on the console take too much hard disk space. When console gaming, you also need to edit your recordings, which requires a computer. It’s certainly a cheaper option, but one that’s filled with inconveniences.

PC Gaming

If you want a more comfortable streaming and recording experience, you should consider the PC gaming option instead. Unfortunately, many people shy away from PC gaming because it tends to be expensive. But a good gaming computer setup will make your influencer experience a lot easier. You can edit your recordings much easier, and the interface in computer video editing tools gives you more options for your creativity.

Ultimately, PC gaming is an all-in-one package, and it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to become a gaming influencer. So now that you have the equipment, how do you go down this path?

Start Gaming!

There is no other way to start than to start gaming and post your recorded sessions on YouTube. It’s always good to start with triple-A titles and mainstream games such as Fortnite or League of Legends, as these have the most audiences. When your game has a huge audience, the more likely someone will discover your channel.

Pick Your Niche

After a couple of videos, you’re going to have to pick your niche. There are various niches in the gaming influencer market. There are speedrunners, casual gamers, guide makers, loremasters, and more. It’s similar to choosing a field of study when you go to college or choosing an industry as a businessman. Each niche has its own number of viewers, and you’d be shocked to know that even the least explored niches in gaming still get millions of views.

Once you’ve picked your niche, you’re going to invest your time and effort in creating videos for people in that niche. But it’s always good to explore other niches as well. So have a mix and match of two niches so you can create a variety of content in your channel.

Connect to Your Social Media Account

If you want to market your channel, you’re going to have to let your friends and the rest of the world know. Connecting to your social media account is one of the best options because it’s free marketing! Just post links to your videos, especially the new ones. It’s also a place where your fans can follow you.

If you want to gain more traction, consider Google Ads or YouTube ads for your channel. These actually have a decent ROI but require you to invest some money if you want to grow your channel.

Consider Collaborations

The gaming community is one of the largest in the world. There are billions of gamers out there and millions of influencers making content. You should try contacting some of these influencers and consider having collaboration with them.

Collaboration can give you access to that influencer’s audience, increasing your popularity in the community. Many gaming sites such as IGN and GameSpot are willing to use clips of your videos into theirs. Collaborating with these gaming sites can help you market your content very easily.

Once you do these things, you’ll be contacted by sponsors. That’s where you’re going to make the real money. But if you haven’t reached that point yet, don’t be discouraged. You’re still going to be paid by YouTube from the ads they run in your video. You’ll then eventually grow big enough for sponsors to contact you.

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