Innovations In Vehicle Technology That Will Revolutionize Driving

Innovations In Vehicle Technology That Will Revolutionize Driving
Innovations In Vehicle Technology That Will Revolutionize Driving

The recent 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased innovations from mainstream car manufacturers including Honda and Ford that look like they are  straight out of science fiction. However, it won’t be long before they arrive on the market. This vehicle technology will not only make driving a simple interactive experience, but also improve road safety, ultimately driving down accident statistics. There is a technological revolution happening in the automotive industry that is going to change the world.

AR Dashboard Displays

Augmented Reality (AR) Dashboard Displays are not just a pretty thing; they are also providing extra space within your vehicle, giving you the ultimate experience in luxury driving  whichever model you drive. All of the operational information that you need is presented in front of you, including the speedometer, gas and oil gauges, and information about the road conditions and data about how quickly you are approaching another vehicle or if you are heading for a collision. However, with an AR Display, the dashboard is only there for as long as you need it – think of it being like a menu at the start of a video game. BMW have been researching this vehicle technology, along with Head Up Displays for over a decade, to include  virtual road markings that can be displayed over the road in front of you, so that they are completely in context. This will not only enhance the driving experience, but will also make your time on the road safer. If you are nervous about car safety because you have been in an accident before then consider hiring a car accident lawyer.

3D Gesture Recognition

No longer do you need buttons to be able to control your car.  3D Gesture Recognition can help you drive your vehicle and navigate the roads with only an air swipe. Not only will this make driving easier; it will also revolutionize vehicle control for those with a disability or living with mobility issues like arthritis. From operating the audio system of a vehicle, to using the indicators, gesture recognition means that you won’t need dashboard space for buttons and controls. The interior of your car will be streamlined and clean. Another enormous benefit of Gesture Recognition is that it cuts down the distractions in your vehicle – you certainly won’t be fiddling with the stereo controls – you can keep your eyes firmly on the road. This will reduce accidents and vehicle collisions.

V2V Communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) Communication isn’t about truck drivers chatting to each other via CB Radio. The V2V network links vehicles via a Wifi-like system to share important information. This data includes speed, direction of travel, location, loss of stability and braking. The range at which it can transmit information is around 300 metres, but the V2V Wifi network is part of a mesh system, meaning that every node (which includes not only cars, but traffic signals and other road safety tech), can transmit this information, passing it on to other vehicles. You only need to pass on data between 5 to 10 stops along the network to gather traffic information covering a mile. This could give a distracted driver valuable time to take his foot off the accelerator. If the in-car V2V system has data about a potential hazard, a warning is instantly made to the driver so that they can correct their driving or adjust their course. One thing that makes V2V technology so essential is that it is the first step in  making autonomous cars completely safe for passengers, pedestrians and other road users. It is not the internet of things, but instead, the internet of cars.

The most exciting innovations in vehicle technology will completely revolutionize the way that we drive. They are not only improving the experience for drivers and passengers, but improving safety for everyone too.

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