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Inside Job Season 2: More New Episodes Coming in 2022

Inside Job Season 2

After a successful first season, viewers of Inside Job can look forward to ten more episodes in Part 2, which will premiere on Netflix in 2022. Here’s all we know about Netflix’s Inside Job Part 2 so far. Inside Job is a Netflix Original adult animated comedy series developed by Shion Takeuchi, who previously worked on Gravity Falls and Regular Show. Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is an executive producer on the show. Let us know more about the Inside Job season 2. 

This is a great season. All the characters look great. The situations depicted are perfect. It seems that you are watching all this in real life. 

Official Netflix Renewal Status

Inside Job has made it into the top 10 lists of 36 nations throughout the world, including the United States, as of October 26th.

What Can We Expect From Inside Job Season 2?

In the second season of Inside Job, expect an enraged and maybe vindictive Reagan. Reagen was ready to take Cognito in a positive new direction after preparing herself to become the CEO of Cognito Inc. and finally facing her father for his exploitation of her youth. Her triumph was short-lived, however, when she discovered that the Shadow Board had replaced her by reinstalling her father as the company’s CEO. Reagen had basically shunned and exiled her father for Cognito. It is great news for the fans. Everyone is happy with the release news of new episodes. What is going to be the next step? What will Reagen do?

This does, however, provide Reagen with an opportunity to fire her father. He was previously sacked for almost disclosing the existence of the deep state. Want to know when the new episodes will release? Stay with us and we will keep you updated. 

Perhaps the Shadow Board will take Reagan seriously as a CEO if she is willing to throw her father under the bus for her career. Reagen could also follow in her father’s footsteps and strive to expose the deep state to the outside world.

When Will Netflix Release Inside Job Season 2?

We can, however, affirm that the next 10 episodes will be released in 2022. This is great news for the followers. Are you waiting for the episodes? Stay connected with us and we will keep you updated. 

Are you looking forward to more Inside Job season 2 episodes on Netflix? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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