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iOS 15 Beta hands-on is live: Here is everything to know about

iOS 15 Beta hands-on is live: Here is everything to know about

The iOS 15 Beta is live, this means that more and more people can check out the latest features soon coming to their iPhones. However, the features will be coming later this year, but the good news is that the Beta version is live. Despite being Beta, it is totally complete with most of the changes coming already available. Some of the updates that are going to get more Buzz will include new Focus modes and FaceTime sharing tools. Apart from this, there will be new changes in Messages, Maps, Weather, Safari, Photos, and more. To have a proper update about the changes you can browse through the internet or web.

So far, the preview of this Beta version is very stable. This means that it is going to be perfect and smooth for all iPhone users. But as always with betas, think twice about how willing you are to take risks in exchange for early access to new features. Regardless of all this, we have provided a proper preview of the changes that are going to come on your iPhones soon. Have a look to know.

FaceTime: SharePlay, screen sharing, and spatial audio

It might have been very helpful if Apple launched this feature during the pandemic but no matter what, this feature will still be useful for many of the users. Whether you are interested in watching an episode or providing remote tech support to your relatives, this feature will make your life a little easier.

Focus modes

One of the most relevant features of the upcoming version is focus mode. Through this feature Apple allows you to customize profiles that will further let you have notifications from specific apps or people when enabled. With this focus mode, one can easily pick a home screen showing just the apps you want. Hence, this feature is also very good for iPhone users.

Live text

Most of the iOS 15 updates are similar to features that most of the competitors offer and one of the most obvious out of them is Live Text. This is a tool that will help you out in scanning the photos on your device for words and then turn them into the text you actually use. Therefore, this is a feature that is basically Apple’s answer to Google Lens, which has been there for many years.

Maps, Photos, and generally tighter integration

There will also be updates to Maps, Weather, and Photos. In some of the cities, maps look richer and more detailed than before, all thanks to the meticulous drawings of individual trees, lanes, traffic lights, and many more. Hence, the iOS 15 update will be perfectly stable and good for iPhone users.

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