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iOS 17 May Introduce New Smart Home Style Display Feature

iOS 17 May Introduce New Smart Home Style Display Feature

There was a resounding grievance among iOS fans that iPhones don’t really change too many things in the updates. Looks like Apple is keen on changing that reputation. Both in the MacOS and the iOS front, Apple has been making some significant strides.

According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the iOS 17 could introduce a smart-home style display feature wherein if the phone is left horizontally with its screen off, it will show information like calendar appointments, weather, and notifications.

A combination of dark screen and bright text makes the information readable even from a distance. iOS 17 is also expected to make changes to the Wallet app of iPhones, specifically to its location services.

Notably, Apple has recently launched iOS 16.5. It had 39 patches including three zero day vulnerabilities. Apple had raised the alert for everyone using iOS 8 and higher models to update to iOS 16.5 as soon as possible.  While iOS devices are generally better secure than Android devices, the zero day vulnerabilities created quite a bit of concern about users and security experts alike.

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The new iOS has added a bunch of accessibility features that are meant to help people with disabilities communicate better. Apple has announced features like Personal Voice, and Point and Speak. The Personal Voice feature uses machine learning to create a synthetic voice based on your own voice. With the point and speak feature, you can point the camera at text written on an object and it will read the writing aloud.

Interestingly, Apple is reportedly working on the M3 chip for its MacOS. The M3 is going to be a great upgrade from M2 and M1 chips that are currently in use. The M3 is going to have 12 CPU cores and 18 graphics cores and a 36GB RAM in the base model.

The enhancements both in iOS and MacOS point at Apple’s efforts toward increasing market share. They’re trying pretty hard to penetrate the gaming computer market as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how Apple controls the price of its devices after launching these new updates. 

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