Is an MBA or Business Master’s Degree Right For You?

Is an MBA or Business Master’s Degree Right For You?

Many people who want to improve their future business career may consider getting an MBA. Since it is one of the most well-respected qualifications in the business world, it’s unsurprising that it’s a popular qualification choice among professionals who want to climb the career ladder. And with various MBA concentrations available to support the development of your career in almost any area of business, it is one of the best options out there for those who are looking to earn a prestigious qualification and become an expert in their chosen field.

However, getting an MBA can take a lot of time, dedication, money, and effort. Because of this, it’s always worth doing some research and asking some questions to determine whether or not it is actually the best investment to make in your future. Here’s how to determine if getting an MB is the best choice for you.

Why An MBA?

Start by asking yourself some questions and answering as honestly as you can regarding whether or not getting an MBA is the right option for you. Consider your reasons for why you want to get an MBA and if they are worth the investment.

  • If you want to gain a promotion at work, has your employer specifically requested an MBA before they will be able to consider you?
  • Would you be able to reach similar goals by getting a professional certification instead?
  • Is an MBA really required for the career path that you are going to pursue, or is your experience enough?

You might find it helpful to speak with people who are currently working in the career that you hope to pursue to find out more about whether or not they believe an MBA will be the best route for you. Ask them how they got to where they are and what they would recommend or advise against for anybody who is looking to do the same thing.

How to Study:

If you’ve decided that an MBA is the right choice of qualification to support your future career goals, the next question to tackle is the one of how you are going to get your qualification. The good news for aspiring MBA students is that today, there are more options available than ever before when it comes to studying. Consider how much free time you have to dedicate to study, whether or not you are going to be able to afford to take time out of work or cut back your hours to study, and which universities you are interested in.

Some options to consider include:

Traditional Campus Study:

The traditional route of getting an MBA will involve studying in a classroom setting on campus. This is usually with set class times that you will need to attend. This route is ideal if you are able to stop working full-time for a while so that you’re able to dedicate the time to studying full-time instead. Depending on where you decide to study, you may need to commute to classes on a daily basis or relocate.

Online MBA Degrees:

Online study has become much more popular over the past year due to the COVID19 pandemic, with more universities offering distance learning options that are safer for students. A masters in business management or MBA degree can be studied online with Aston University. There is a range of courses that you can study from home and fit around working full-time. For students that would struggle to dedicate themselves to full-time study for financial reasons or otherwise, online degree courses can be an ideal alternative option that provides more flexibility and control to students. Some degree courses might require you to be online at certain times, while others give you full control over when you would like to study.

What to Consider When Choosing an Advanced Business Degree:

Whether you have decided to opt for an MBA or a different type of business masters degree, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to help you determine which course will be the best option for you. Some of the main things to think about when choosing the right advanced degree for you include:

Your Future Career Goals:

There are various reasons for getting an MBA or advanced business degree. Whether you want a promotion at your current workplace, are considering a change of career for the future, or want to start your own company, the degree program that you decide to study will have a large impact on your future. Knowing what you’d like to achieve with your MBA will make it easier to decide which steps to take and what MBA concentration to choose.

Your Skills:

Think about the skills that you already have and the skillset that you hope to develop in the future when deciding which MBA course or business masters degree is going to be best for you. Think about the career goals that you have for the future and the type of skills that will be required for you to achieve them. The MBA is a great degree choice for developing both career-based skills and transferable skills such as team working, leadership, communication, decision-making, critical thinking, and more.

Your Employer:

If you are considering getting an MBA or advanced business degree in order to earn a promotion at your current place of work, it is worth speaking to your employer about your plans. Along with being able to provide you with advice and guidance on the type of qualifications that they would prefer you to earn for working in certain positions, your employer might also be willing to support you with improving your qualifications by financially covering some or all of your degree course or recommending employer-provided training programs that could help you get to where you want your career to take you.

An advanced business degree or MBA is a huge investment, so there are various important factors to consider before making sure that it is the right choice for your future career.


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