Is The Idol Being Canceled Only Two Episodes into the First Season

Is The Idol Being Canceled Only Two Episodes into the First Season
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The Idol has been one of those series that attract bad press and worse reviews and yet garner a wide viewership. Now, a New York Post report claims that HBO has canceled The Idol and there will be no second season. A show getting just one season is not something new, but if it’s canceled just two episodes in, especially when the show stars Lily Rose Depp and The Weekend, it is a bit weird. What makes the waters even muddier is that HBO has denied the claims saying,

However, according to another source, The Idol was never supposed to be a long running show. It is more of the one and done kind. What is it about? Here’s a short synopsis of The Idol. 

After having a nervous breakdown that caused the cancellation of her last tour, an aspiring pop star begins a complicated relationship with a self-help guru and the head of a contemporary cult.

The Idol debuted at the Cannes Film Festival to scathing reviews. In fact, readers of TVLine gave the show a ‘D’ Grade. Even before the launch of the series the Rolling Stone Magazine threw it into deep controversy alleging the creation of “sexual torture porn”. Although one of the producers and lead actors, The Weekend refuted these claims, the controversies did not really leave the show alone. One could say that the negative publicity kind of saved the show from tanking completely as it garnered over 900,000 viewers on the first episode and 800,000 on the second.   


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