Is Your Dream Car Too Dangerous To Drive?

Is Your Dream Car Too Dangerous To Drive?

Your dream car reflects your personality. So, of course, everyone has a different dream. Your favorite vehicle could be inspired by your childhood memories, your professional aspirations, your peers, or even your interest in engineering. Most drivers expect to own their dream car by the time they reach their 50th birthday. 

Yet, is it a good idea to want to buy your dream car? The answer is: it depends. It can be a fantastic way of bringing lost memories back to life or showcasing your success. However, in some situations, your dream car could be more dangerous than you think. 

#1. Yes, it’s got to come out of your budget

You need to get your finances in order if you are going to purchase a vehicle. Even if you buy a second-hand car, there will be additional costs such as maintenance and insurance to consider. In other words, you can’t go all-in if you have a bad credit score. Your priority needs to be building a robust financial background before you can consider purchasing. Buying when you can’t afford it will affect your financial stability, which can aggravate debt and make it hard to maintain your vehicle. IN other words, driving your dream car could be the quickest road to bankruptcy. 

#2. Yes, I’ve been banned from driving

If you have had your driving license revoked, you will need to think twice before investing in a new vehicle. License revocation can happen for a variety of reasons, such as because of immediate threat medical suspension or because you’ve been caught committing a serious traffic offense. While it’s not to say that your dream car could encourage driving license suspension. However, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a vehicle when you are not sure you can drive it. With professional legal assistance, you could, however, find a solution to reinstate your license. 

#3. Yes, it’s unreliable

Some vehicles look better in pictures than in your garage. It’s the case of classic cars that cost a fortune in repairs and maintenance. Sometimes, a dream is best unfilled if it’s going to drain your finances. Which makes are the most harmful for your finances? The old Porsche 928 looks like a brilliant exercise of engineering from the past. Unfortunately, it requires constant attention to remain safe. Old Italian cars, such as the Maserati Shamal from the 90s look the part. But the mechanical parts have not aged well and are prone to break. 

#4. It makes you a target

Beautiful cars attract attention. Depending on areas, some vehicles can attract the wrong kind of attention. Ultimately, expensive cars tend to appeal to thieves and criminals. They can also attract vandalism, as some people may want to cause physical damage to the vehicle. The last thing you want when you’ve bought your dream car is to wake up one morning to find that someone ran a key along the length of the vehicle. Unfortunately, these incidents are more likely to happen than you might imagine. 

Can you afford to buy your dream car? Money isn’t the only thing to consider. Your vehicle can be left exposed to vandalism and criminals if you are not able to secure a private car park. Besides, it could be a bad decision if you have issues with your driving license or your finance management.

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