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James Webb Space Telescope Launched: A Great News For Space Nerds

James Webb Space Telescope Launched: A Great News For Space Nerds

The James Webb space telescope project was developed in collaboration with European and Canadian space agencies. Throughout its lengthy existence, the JSWT has been plagued with delays. NASA had wanted to deploy the telescope in 2007, but increasing costs forced engineers to rethink the project in 2005. Let us know more about the launch.

James Webb Space telescope launched after a lot of hit and trials

The JSWT was eventually deemed ready in 2016, however building issues forced the project to be postponed once again. The telescope was completed in 2019, however testing and delivery were delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

NASA has finally launched the James Webb Space Telescope after a long wait. After 14 years of construction and several delays, the telescope was launched on an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana on Christmas morning.

Great achievement for the NASA team

The JSWT will orbit the Sun at the Earth-Sun system’s second Lagrange point. It will take about a month for the spacecraft to get to its destination, where researchers will be able to peer inside black holes, study some of the universe’s earliest galaxies, and assess the habitability of numerous exoplanets.

JWST has a lot of hopes attached to its findings

NASA chose a launch date of December 18th when the JWST arrived at the spaceport. However, owing to last-minute inspections and a lack of suitable weather, the launch was postponed till today. Still, what’s a few days for a mission that’s been in the works for months? The JWST is already in orbit, and we’ll begin to learn about its findings in the coming months.

The James Webb Space telescope was launched after a lot of hit and trials but finally it is in the orbit now. The team awaits for the new findings that will open doors to new inventions in the future.

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