John Cho – the Korean American Actor Got Injured on Netflix’s Set

John Cho - the Korean American Actor Got Injured on Netflix’s Set

19th October 2019, we covered that the John Cho (the leading role of Cowboy Bebop) got injured on the set of Netflix. Cowboy Bebop series is a joint co-production of Netflix and Tomorrow Studios. Netflix Studio is, therefore, handling the physical production of the series.

John Cho the Korean American actor recently playing role in “Cowboy Bebop”. He sustained a knee injury today while filming in New Zealand.  John Cho got knee injury while rehearsing on the set of Netflix. The stunt he was performing was not too large but still, he sustained a serious injury. Cho is now going back to Los Angeles, to recover his injury. But the nature of the incident is still not clear.

According to the doctors, Cho will recover in a period of 7 to 9 months. In Los Angeles, he will undergo his knee surgery and is going to recover there.

John Cho - the Korean American Actor Got Injured on Netflix’s Set

From the coverage, we got to know that “Cowboy Bebop” was doing the 10th episode adaptation of the original 23rd episode of anime series. In this episode, John Cho plays as Spiegel. Therefore, he describes himself as an impossibly cool bounty hunter having a deadly smile on his face. In this episode, he is going to travel the solar system with his partner Jet (Ex-cop). Jet the ex-cop will be further portrayed by Mustafa Shakir.

Daniella Pineda and Alex Hassell are also going to be the main lead of this episode. Therefore, they are going to play the roles of Faye Valentine and Spiegel’s nemesis Vicious.

In the afternoon, on 19th October 2019 at around 2:30 P.M. John Cho posted a quote on Instagram. He posted a quote from Bruce Lee “Water can flow or it can Crash”. Cho further added that he is going to recover soon. He posted this quote to tell his fans that he is perfectly fine.

Then, he also thanked his fans and other people for their wishes. Further, he gave a statement for his fans that “I’m going come back soon and flowing in no time”. Doctors also said that John will recover soon in the coming months.

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