Jonah Hill Faces Allegations of Emotional Abuse from Ex-Girlfriend

Jonah Hill Faces Allegations of Emotional Abuse from Ex-Girlfriend

Sarah Brady took to her Instagram story to share a series of screenshots of text messages and direct messages between her and ex-boyfriend Jonah Hill. She alleges that Hill was emotionally abusive towards her and the screenshots are presented in support of the allegations.  

One of the screenshots featured messages allegedly sent by Jonah Hill where he is requesting her to remove surfing photos that showed her in a thong. There are also messages where Hill expresses that Brady fails to understand his boundaries. Brady expressed that Jonah misuses the term boundary to curb her personal freedom and affect her emotional well being.

The messages show that Hill outlined a list of parameters he expected Brady to follow during her interaction with the world. According to messages Hill had problems with Brady surfing with men, maintaining friendships with men, posting certain pictures, and even the type of friendships she could have with women. He explained that Brady’s non-compliance with his boundaries brought distrust into their relationship and if it brought joy to Brady, then he wasn’t the right partner for her.

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Brady has often experienced self-doubt and a sense of being defective after receiving Hill’s messages. In text messages allegedly sent to Hill, she said, “I think I’m not socially intelligent enough to meet your needs as a partner and then I get frustrated and angry at myself and just want to rip the bandaid off if I’m not good enough for you.

At the end of her Instagram story, Brady expressed hope that if Hill ever had a daughter, she would turn him into a true feminist, adding, “the fact that he calls himself a feminist now is laughable.”  She stressed on the fact that emotional abuse is never acceptable even if it stems from personal trauma. 

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