Keep Your Luggage Safe With Euston Station Luggage Storage

Keep Your Luggage Safe With Euston Station Luggage Storage

Traveling invariably requires some toting about of luggage. Sometimes you can get away with a single bag, and sometimes you simply have to use multiples, particularly with longer excursions. Since Euston Station is one of the major rail and tube stations in all of London, knowing how to keep your luggage safe while at the station is essential. 

Even though there is no luggage storage Euston Station offers directly, there are many other options that travelers can use to keep their luggage and parcels safe. There is a luggage storage service that has a location in Euston Station, however, and while their rates are reasonable there are some more frugal alternatives close at hand. 

Why Luggage Storage?

There are countless reasons why you may want to leverage luggage storage during your time at Euston Station. Many people choose to use luggage storage services to maintain their luggage and other items in a safe and secure facility until they are ready to depart for their next destination. 

Others use luggage storage while they explore the city, so they can move about unencumbered. Still, others use it as a convenient place to keep their belongings while getting a relaxing meal or spa treatment in the station itself. 

The primary reason to use luggage storage is security. If you do not want to deal with the burden of dragging your luggage around with you, no matter what you’re doing, luggage storage is the best option. Not only does it give you a dedicated and secure location to keep your items, but most reputable luggage storage companies will also have a blanket insurance policy to cover any potential damage or loss.

Euston Station Luggage Storage

Euston Station does not offer its own luggage storage or left luggage system. In other words, there is no official Euston Station luggage storage or luggage lockers. There is a private luggage storage company that maintains a location at Euston Station, called Excess Baggage Company. 

Excess Baggage Company will allow you to store your luggage in their secure location for a modest fee. They price their services in 3-hour or 24-hour blocks, and while reasonable, it is more expensive than many competing companies.

One of the most popular ways to keep your luggage safe while at or near Euston Station is to use a private luggage storage provider like Bounce or LuggageHero. They offer distributed luggage storage solutions.

Companies like Bounce partner with local businesses after an extensive vetting procedure and arrange for secure and private luggage storage for anyone that needs it. You can often get a full 24 hours of secure and safe luggage storage with up to $10,000 in insurance for less than $10, depending on exchange rates.

Using private luggage storage providers is simple. You download the app or visit the website for the service and use GPS to find the nearest secure storage partner, then simply book your spot and drop your luggage off. Your luggage will be fitted with tamper-evident seals and taken to dedicate storage to ensure that the items are secure.

Other Tips For Keeping Your Luggage Safe

  • Pack your own bags, and be familiar with limitations or additional regulations in place currently.
  • During the pandemic, many shops have started offering a left luggage service to travelers as well.
  • Be sure you carry sanitizing wipes or spray, as well as hand wipes, to ensure that you and your luggage remain as safe as possible during travel.
  • Make sure you keep your luggage in your possession at all times, unless with a secure storage provider.
  • Take zip ties to ensure your luggage stays closed.
  • Do not leave your bag unattended, even for a few minutes. This includes a trip into the druggist or the restroom.
  • You should never check or store bags or luggage with sensitive personal items or valuables such as passports, money, jewelry, identification, and more. 
  • Thoroughly secure your daypack or the bag that you have on your person while other luggage is stored.

Keeping Your Luggage Safe With Luggage Storage

In nearly any scenario it is the safest and most secure option to keep your luggage with a luggage storage provider. Not only will it be safe, sealed, and secured in its own dedicated storage area, but when you use one of the leading luggage storage providers, you will also have a substantial insurance policy behind you as well. When it comes down to it, a few dollars to ensure the security and safety of your luggage is a very reasonable expense. 

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