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‘LAST MAN DOWN’ By Saban Films Releasing on Netflix on February 2022

'LAST MAN DOWN' By Saban Films Releasing on Netflix on February'22

Are you fond of Action? Are you one of the Big Guns, Big Muscles, Big Action connoisseurs? Well then, you are in for a treat as Saban Films is finally coming out with its Daniel Stisen and Olga Kent starrer Last Man Down.

This Fansu Nije directed cinematic has a compelling storyline with an engaging plot. The story concentrates on the lead John Woods (Daniel Stisen)- a special forces soldier. He loses his wife to murder in the middle of a deadly pandemic. After which he leaves his duties and goes solitary in the Nordic woods. Years after that, an escaped lab rat Maria Johnson (Olga Kent) appears on his doorstep seeking help. Her blood is the cure for the pandemic. Reluctantly, John lashes out all doubt when he learns that the person responsible for Maria’s condition is the same person responsible for his wife’s murder, Commander Stone. With thoughts of hesitation revoked, it is time for his revenge!

This Thriller-Drama produced by Daniel Stisen has been Rated- R. The fans are all excited for its release on Netflix US and Netflix UK. With current ratings of 5.7 on IMDb and an audience rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, this film is rolling in with all the expectations and thrill for the Action fans out there.

This film was initially released on 19th October 2021 in the theaters. It is now set to release on select Netflix regions on 16th February 2022. The runtime of the film is 1hr 27mins.

You will find the reviews to be both good and bad. While one stating it to lose the audience’s attention against the other comparing it to several of Schwarzenegger’s movies. Let us know your reviews on it.

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