Lebron James Controls Laugh During Halftime Performance

Lebron James Controls Laugh During Halftime Performance

Lebron James is in a little bit of trouble! Everyone loves the national anthem performance right before the start of the game or at halftime. It is a sign of respect and a perfect build-up to the game.

For many years, we have seen several controversies built up during the performances. From itching the nose to tapping feet, people criticize NBA stars and celebrities repeatedly. 

While some find it basic human instinct to itch noses or tap feet, but some find it just disrespectful.

Pre-Game/Halftime Performances

The NBA pre-game/halftime performances are the game’s major highlights. Celebrity stars to the likes of Demi Lovato, Rihana, Ariana Grande have all made an appearance and performed at the pre-game or halftime. 

A similar scene like this happened during last week’s All-Star NBA game.

With Macy Gray performing at halftime, the stage was all set.

Moreover, Macy Gray is a 5 time Grammy nominee. Furthermore, she won one Grammy

Lebron James Controls Laugh During Halftime Performance

LeBron James Couldn’t Hold Back.

During her performance, LeBron fans pointed out that the star is visibly trying to hold his laughter during the performance.

When Gray was belting out the national anthem, it was pretty visible on LeBron’s face that he tried to control his laugh. He was standing beside Steph Curry, who thought it to be another anthem performance.

Various fans took to Twitter to make multiple memes and videos explaining their version of the happening.

An identical scene happened during Fergie’s performance before the 2018 NBA All-Star Game when stars Steph Curry and Draymond Green were shown visibly confused and laughing at the 46-year-old’s rendition of the anthem.

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