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LG Curved Concepts for the Technology Lovers in 2022

LG Curved Concepts for the Technology Lovers in 2022

At CES 2022, LG Display will present two foldable OLED designs, if the pandemic doesn’t take the annual trade show as its next victim. The “Virtual Ride” stationary bike is the first. The LG curved concepts are going to steal the show this time. However, It has three vertical 55-inch OLED panels in front and above the rider that create one continuous screen. The curvature radius of the uppermost panel is 500R. Moreover, according to LG Display, this is the most severe curve ever seen in a huge panel.

LG curved concepts is all set to launch media chair

The “Media Chair” is the second concept. It’s a 55-inch OLED TV linked to a chair. It has a 1,500R curvature, which LG claims is suitable for this type of application. It also has the company’s Cinematic Sound OLED technology. This allows the display to produce sound without the use of external speakers. Finally, the display may be switched between portrait and landscape orientations by pressing a button on the chair’s armrest.

CES concepts are going to be a game changer for the brand

The chances of LG commercialising either the Virtual Ride or the Media Chair are remote, as they are with most CES concepts. That’s not to say LG hasn’t taken any of its previous prototypes to market (the OLED R comes to mind), but these new ones serve as a demonstration of how far the company’s display technology has progressed in recent years.

The most loved brand to show surprises

LG is one of the most loved brand that has showered its customers with endless offers in the year end sale. Now LG is going to take technology to a great new level with the help of the curved CES concepts. The media chair and the virtual ride concept is going to be the best one with the ability to keep the gaming lovers hooked to them.

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