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Longmire Is Expected To Leave Netflix Soon

Longmire Is Expected To Leave Netflix Soon

The show Longmire is still one of Netflix’s most popular shows, despite the fact that it ended several years ago. It has left Netflix in Canada, and he may be leaving Netflix in the US shortly.

 It’s worth remembering that Netflix initially only rescued the show in the United States. Seasons 1-4 were released on Netflix Canada in March 2016, although the new seasons were released on the same day as the US.

What Were The Rumors All About?

Earlier in 2021, we had to put down claims that a new season of Longmire would be on the way before the end of the year, based on a bogus dates webpage. However, there is some bad news: Netflix may someday lose Longmire in its entirety.

The United States did not lose the show, but it is quite probable that it will in the future.

So, When Do You Think It’ll Happen?

The series is expected to exit Netflix on November 17th, but the year it will leave is uncertain. Many Warner Brothers Television properties are licenced to Netflix for five years, as we’ve previously discussed, which might imply that Netflix US loses Longmire in November 2022.

Why Is Longmire Planning To Leave Netflix?

Despite the fact that it finished some years ago, Longmire is still one of Netflix’s most popular programmes. Despite rumours of a seventh season, there has been no confirmation, but we do have some potentially bad news. Longmire has left Netflix in Canada, and it’s possible he’ll leave Netflix in the United States soon.

Longmire began as an A&E drama before being picked up by Netflix for three further seasons between 2015 and 2017. It’s worth noting that Netflix only salvaged the programme in the United States at first. 

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