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Lost Ark Banned More Than A Million Unlawful Accounts Running Bots

Lost Ark Banned More Than A Million Unlawful Accounts Running Bots

On March 4, the Lost Ark team reported that they banned over a million illicit accounts operating bots from the game. The revelation was announced on a blog, which stated that the team recognizes that botting has been a problem since the introduction of the game. They have been hard at work developing practical tools and procedures to detect and eliminate robots from the game. That hard effort is now beginning to pay off.

What The Team Had To Say

According to the Lost Ark staff, providing a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for gamers is a crucial goal. While they want to have a significant effect with this banning wave, they recognize that there is still a lot of remains to be undertaken and want gamers to understand that it was the initial step in a long journey. They plan to keep working on identifying and eradicating botting, cheating, and disruptive activity from Lost Ark at scale in the future, which will entail increasing their anti-cheat technologies, strengthening bot detection algorithms, and issuing further ban waves as needed. According to the team, a tiny fraction of gamers who were mistakenly labeled as bots might also have been blocked. If you are in this group and not a bot but a natural person who was playing Lost Ark seriously and without altering their performance in any manner, you may protest the ban by creating a ticket on the Lost Ark support site.

Lost Ark Banned More Than A Million Unlawful Accounts Running Bots

The Future Of Lost Ark

Since the game’s debut, gamers have had to contend with lengthy server queues due to its popularity. However, the last wave of bans appears to have significantly reduced wait times, with just some players stating that lines had decreased by thousands of people during peak hours. The ban wave appears to have had a favorable influence on queue speeds, as several players have commented to Lost Ark’s post, stating that waiting times have decreased significantly since the ban.


Because Lost Ark is presently free, it is more vulnerable to clone accounts and abuse than games with a paywall. On the other hand, this current ban is a positive step in the right direction and could assist in maintaining a steady player base. This news follows Amazon’s March update, which had clear intentions to add a considerable amount of additional plot questlines and terminal material to the Western version of Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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