Low Volatility Games – The Smart Choice For Low Risk Casino Gaming

Low Volatility Games – The Smart Choice For Low Risk Casino Gaming

Casino gaming, whether it is on the strip in Las Vegas or on your smartphone at home, is a hobby enjoyed by millions of Americans. The key word there is enjoy – playing games at the casino should be fun, and to make that happen, players need to approach it with the right mindset. That really comes down to managing expectations. 

Casinos are businesses that need to make money to survive. It would therefore be unrealistic to set out to play slots or blackjack with the expectation of winning money. Sure, if you visit a casino every week, you’ll have winning nights and losing nights, but in the long run, the latter must outweigh the former. A casino player’s more logical and attainable objective is to have fun and try not to spend too much. Choosing your games on the basis of volatility is a great way to make that happen.

Explaining casino volatility

Volatility describes the size and regularity of awards that a game pays out. Note that this refers to general trends, not specific patterns. Low volatility games tend to pay out small prizes frequently, while high volatility games only pay out occasionally, but when they do, the reward can be significant. 

To give an over-simplistic example, if you make 100 one-coin bets on each of two slot games, game A might pay out a 2-coin prize 48 times, while game B pays a 48-coin prize twice. Both are exhibiting a 96 percent Return to Player (RTP) but A has far lower volatility. 

The issue is if you only have 20 coins. Play game A, and you will likely still have about 20 coins in prizes. Play game B, and you might have 48 coins, but you might have nothing. 

Low volatility games

Slot games tend to have higher volatility than table games, so if you have a limited bankroll, such as the 20 coins cited above, you are better off leaving the slots alone entirely. Today’s USA online gambling sites have a great choice of low volatility casino games where you can wager real money and have a reasonable expectation of making even a modest bankroll last longer. 


Blackjack did not become the most popular casino game of all by accident. It combines a low house edge with low volatility – and best of all, if you learn basic strategy, you can make a real impact on your win rate. Just make sure you play 3:2 blackjack. Some tables are 6:5 which means a lower prize for a natural blackjack, and that really hits the average return over time. 


James Bond’s favorite casino game will be yours too, if you give it the chance. The player and banker bets have a house edge that’s just over one percent, and while you won’t get any life-changing wins, you’re unlikely to suffer a catastrophic loss, either. Those 20 coins could easily keep you in the game for hours. 


The craps table is typically the most lively place in a real world casino. Live craps online is a lot of fun, too. Ignore all those complicated side bets and focus on the main game and the pass line / don’t pass line bets. Both have a low house edge and you’ll win roughly as many as you lose ,having a lot of fun at the same time. What’s not to like? 

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