Luxury Goods For The Upcoming Season

Luxury Goods For The Upcoming Season

It’s hard to believe it, but in just a few short months we’ll be at Christmas time…again and if you’re lucky enough to be in the league that doesn’t have to say a prayer every time you reach for your wallet, then you’ve probably made a few very good decisions along the way (or you’re just aspirational) then what are the top trending luxury goods that you want to indulge in right now?

So we’re going to break it down with you a little, get a coffee and let’s learn about some of the top global luxury brands leading the rest right now.


Prada, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta… are names that shouldn’t come as a surprise to you and there’s a reason that they’re in the global top ten of best-performing luxury brands…again.  If it’s cutting edge innovation, fashion-forward design and exceptional handcrafted quality that you’re after then you have started with the big 5.  Whether it’s that bag or those shoes, those in the know, know that these of kind accessories are irreplaceable and therein lines the demand.  You’ll also be needing one of these.


Now that we’re heading back to our favourite spots all over the world, there is still an area of the luxury good market that is still very much the preserve of the well-heeled, it’s in travel where the big guns still separate those who can from those who can’t.  Leading the pack are luxury hotels that cater to the super-rich from rooms starting at over $1000 a night, not including breakfast.


This is where things become a lot of fun.  You can blag your way to an airline upgrade or perhaps even drop a few grand on a watch without thinking about it, but you can’t fake a sports car.  First-class travel and a shiny Italian/German car in your garage are still going to be the most visible sign that you’ve accomplished a certain something. Audi has some stunning motor cars that are coming to the Great British shoreline soon.


When you’re ready to completely show off just how much that promotion paid, you’ll be looking at some real estate that will pull that off. Castles on the beach, apartments in skyrise apartments or holiday homes in some of the most exclusive locations around the world, the country club set are all trying to outdo each other with properties that sell for millions of dollars.  Think fully equipped gyms, saunas, marble work surfaces and the latest appliances and only the top decorators.  We’re spending hundreds of billions of pounds every year trying to get that done.


Sad, but true.  In our neverending quest to outdo the  “Jones”, the next line of money burning goes to our exotic and foreign four-legged friends.  Often setting the buyer back hundreds of thousands of pounds or even more, this controversial practice could have you buying a little lama for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you can afford any of this, the sheer mental escapism that some wishful indulgence can bring you can get you there without really being there,

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