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M3GAN Combines Real-Life Terrors with a Chilling Murder Spree

M3GAN Combines Real-Life Terrors with a Chilling Murder Spree
  • On Friday, Blumhouse and James Wan’s newest movie about a murder doll will be in theaters; don’t miss your chance to see it.

M3GAN is set to astonish viewers. The trailers and web-based promotion appear to be promising a wild, murder-filled movie featuring an emotionless robot doll reminiscent of Child’s Play, and while it does deliver on that level, the majority of M3GAN is actually quite somber in nature. Though slightly disjointed, this film still manages to provide a memorable experience for audiences.

Gerard Johnstone helms M3GAN, with an engrossing script penned by Akela Cooper (Malignant). James Wan and Cooper also collaborate to create the film’s story; plus, they lend their expertise as producers alongside Jason Blum. You might think you know what to expect from this team of horror movie veterans – but prepare for a pleasant surprise. Within the first two scenes of M3GAN, we are immediately immersed in Cady’s (Violet McGraw) world when her parents fall victim to a devastating tragedy.

M3GAN Combines Real-Life Terrors with a Chilling Murder Spree

After the loss of her parents, Cady’s aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) is now tasked with caring for her. This was not something that Gemma had professionally planned for or was emotionally prepared to do. She works at Funki, a toy company specializing in unique robots, and before Cady arrived she had been working on something remarkable: M3GAN!

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The character and concept of M3GAN (short for “Model 3 Generative Android”) are introduced early in the film, yet Cooper and Johnstone focus on Cady’s grief, Gemma’s subconscious resentment about her strained relationship with him, as well as Ronny Chieng’s pressing demands from his job at Funki. Through this exploration of emotions and relationships, the audience gets a glimpse into how these characters navigate their lives together amid trying circumstances.

In a bleak circumstance, where doctors lacked the ability to offer help, Gemma saw introducing Cady to M3GAN as the perfect answer. Almost immediately they developed an unbreakable relationship; providing Cady with someone/something that she could easily connect with and Gemma acting as a reminder of her innovative AI doll’s immense capabilities beyond what she ever imagined possible.

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The trailers for M3GAN don’t display the film’s complexity, since viewers wouldn’t expect a movie about a mad killer doll to address concepts like loss, accountability, and corporate avarice. While these additions may offer insight into the characters and make them stand out from their influences, they also raise expectations that could challenge the audience’s perception of it.

M3GAN combines real-life terrors with a chilling murder spree led by a killer doll. Both components of the film carry their own weight, but it is ultimately the real horror that speaks volumes and makes it an escape worth watching — especially in today’s day and age. Don’t miss out on M3GAN when it hits theaters this Friday.


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