Major Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked By A Hacker

Major Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked By A Hacker

Over the past couple of years, phone hacking has been on rise. Hacked phones can be a serious issue as it can affect your device performance as well as leave your personal data at risk. Phone hacking, broadly defined, is an act by which a hacker can gain access to your phone’s data without your consent. Though the main reason behind phone hacking will depend on the hacker, the ultimate results can harm your personal data. 

With a lot of ways to hack the phone like tracking software, phishing attacks and unsecured WiFi networks, detecting them has been a tough task. Nowadays hackers are equipped with the latest technologies that make phone hacking difficult to spot. 

If your phone is showing the signs of hacking and you wish to unhack your phone, all you need to do is read out the guide on removing a phone hack. Learn more about how to remove a hacker from your phone here. Besides, here we’ve curated a list of signs that indicates that your device is hacked. 

  • Drop In Performance 

One of the most common signs that indicates phone hacking is reduced phone performance. The reason behind it is the malware that leads to dropping calls, freezing or crashing of phones, unusual reboot of devices and much more. 

When your phone is hacked, it usually takes more time to load the websites. If you’re experiencing problems with your device, your first step is to unhack your device. Overlooking such signs can give the hacker access to your confidential data. 

  • Unnatural Hot Phone 

Prolonged use of a phone for gaming or streaming can make it hot. In case you’re experiencing a hot phone even when you’re not using your device, it’s a clear sign that your phone is hacked. Hot phone means that your phone is working even in sleep mode. It is transferring the stored information like credit card details, personal information or chat to the hacker. 

  • Fast Battery Drainage 

When a lot of apps run in your phone’s background, it leads to fast battery drainage. You can restrict the background app data to avoid the battery drainage. If you experience unusual drainage of the battery even after closing the background app, it’s a key sign that your phone has been hacked. 

  • Unknown Text or Calls

If you start receiving phone calls or texts from unknown or unrecognised numbers, it can be a case of phone hacking. One way to protect yourself from such phone hacking is to avoid answering those calls or replying to the texts. Keep an eye on your call logs if there’s unusual activity. When a hacker sends you a text message with a suspicious link, it can infect the data of your phone. In simple words, it gives access to the hacker to use your phone and steal your information. 

  • High Data Usage 

If your data usage spikes up without any activity changes, you need to pay extra attention to protect your phone. A hacker usually steals information with the malicious app running in your phone. In addition, the hacker can use your phone data to transfer information from your phone. 

Final Words 

Cybercriminals are using new techniques to hack your phone and infect it with malware. As your phone is the major way to communicate with your family, your colleagues and other personal information, phone hacking can impose serious risks on your personal and professional life. Hackers can listen to your phone calls and use the information against you. What’s more, hackers can blackmail after gaining access to vital information. All in all, there are plenty of risks associated with phone hacking.

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