Marketing Is Important And It Starts With Knowledge

Marketing Is Important And It Starts With Knowledge

Marketing and advertising a business is a must, for anyone who wants their business to continue to exist and of course grow and flourish. This activity is important for the benefit of retaining existing customers, increasing the volume of activity with these customers and recruiting new customers. Most marketing and advertising channels today involve financial outlay. Every business should choose the marketing channels that will be most effective for it, depending on the budget it chooses to invest in the subject. At the same time, there are quite a few ways in which any business can increase its exposure to it, advertise and market itself, without requiring it to pay for it. In this article we will expand on some ways in which this can be done. 

1. Position yourself as an authority in your field 

If stakeholders in your field, the products or services you offer, perceive you as a reliable, experienced, trustworthy professional and the information they provide will increase your credibility. Managing and writing a professional blog, which will provide your readers with interesting, up-to-date and relevant professional information, will create in them the feeling that there is someone to trust. When it comes to writing a professional blog, there are several elements that are important to emphasize: quality, frequency and motivation for action. In the quality parameter, it is important to be careful and produce content of significant value. Content that readers can learn from. Do not be afraid to impart your knowledge to readers. The more you share your knowledge, the more people will perceive you as a professional in your field, and will want to contact you in business.

Frequency of publishing blog posts. It is advisable to decide in advance on a fixed publication frequency, one that you can persevere with over time. You may have other work that you wish to publish, if you’re self employed this may be key. You may also want to look at digital publishing platforms. This will create a habit among the readers of the blog, and over time will also create in them the expectation of reading the next content that you publish. Remember that the purpose of blogging is to get your readers to create a business interaction with you. Make sure to include in the texts motivational sentences for the action, which will lead the readers to perform the desired action – leaving details, purchasing a product, downloading an instruction booklet and the like. 

2. Increase exposure through a business Facebook page 

A free marketing platform offered to business owners for promoting their business is the social network Facebook. For business owners, it is possible to set up a business page, branded, through which it is possible to create contact with relevant surfers, who constitute the target audience of the business. It is important to use this channel in a professional and informed manner. Create interesting posts, accompanied by photos and videos, that have created interest among surfers. It is important to avoid flooding information in irrelevant places (spam), in order not to tire and create antagonism to the business.  

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