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Meta: The New Branding Name For Facebook?

Meta: The New Branding Name For Facebook?

Meta: the new name for Facebook. Yes, you read it right. You favorite social media platform now has a new name. Facebook Inc. is changing its name to distance itself from the corporation that is banking on the promise of a “metaverse“. It is doing so to save its struggling social network, which is gaining a bad image around the world. Let us help you know more about the same. 

“Our brand is so closely associated with one product that it can’t possibly represent everything we’re doing now. “From now on, we’re going to prioritize the metaverse over Facebook.” This is a surprise for the users.

What Holds In The Future For Meta?

The reorganization resembles Google’s reorganization into Alphabet.  It is the holding company that now owns Google as well as its “other ventures,” such as DeepMind and Nest.

Facebook previously stated that when reporting financial results, it intends to segregate Facebook Reality Labs, its AR and VR division, from the rest of the firm. It emphasised in a fresh statement that its”corporate structure” will not change. Beginning in December, the company’s stock ticker will change from FB to MVRS.

Why Are They Planning The Change?

Horizon Workrooms, a concept that allows users to conduct meetings in virtual reality, has already been shown off. 

A Well-Defined Strategy For Managing The Goodwill

The company’s name change also comes at a particularly perilous time in its history. The “Facebook Papers,” a cache of internal information collected by a former employee turned whistleblower, has left the social network reeling. The records have been the foundation of more than a dozen stories criticising the company’s failures to control the stream of disinformation. 

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