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Meta Verified: The Ultimate Verification Service for Facebook and Instagram

Meta Verified: The Ultimate Verification Service for Facebook and Instagram

From next week, the subscription service will become available

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Sunday the launch of Meta Verified, a Twitter Blue-like subscription service by parent company Meta. On his broadcast channel, he detailed how it will give users access to a blue badge for increased visibility. It will also protect from impersonation attempts as well as direct customer support services. With this new offering, Facebook is hoping to provide an even more enjoyable user experience than ever before.

“This feature is about increasing authenticity and security across our services,” Zuckerberg said. He said that Australia and New Zealand would be the first countries to experience Meta’s subscription services.

Meta Verified offers its users a cutting-edge subscription service on iOS and Android apps for $15 USD per month. On the web platform, where app store commissions do not apply, this suite of features is just $12 USD. Plus, with one purchase, you can manage both your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Before signing up for Meta Verified, users must meet particular eligibility criteria. As per the company’s statement to Engadget, only individuals 18 years or older will qualify for a subscription. It is also necessary that potential subscribers provide an official ID that matches their Facebook or Instagram profile name and photo.

Once you’re verified, you will not be able to modify your profile name, username, date of birth, or photo. To do these you would have to go through the verification process again. Accounts that have already been verified due to certain qualifications will remain as such and won’t be subject to any changes — as per today’s announcement.

Verified subscribers of Meta will be rewarded with a blue badge. They will also have enhanced visibility in search with 100 free stars. A digital currency they can use to show their appreciation for creators on Facebook. Plus, this subscription grants exclusive access to stickers that you can use in Stories and Reels.

In early February, rumors about Meta’s paid verification service began surfacing when Alessandro Paluzzi identified code referring to “paid blue badge” and “identity verification”. Then on a Sunday morning, Matt Navarra noticed that an Instagram support page was published by Meta which provided information regarding the subscription. Unsurprisingly though, it disappeared shortly afterward with Zuckerberg’s posting on Instagram.

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