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Michael Price talks about the Season 5 of ‘F is for Family’

Michael Price talks about the Season 5 of ‘F for Family’

The team of F is for Family is working so hard for Season 5 that is planned to come later in this year only. Season 5 is going to be the final season for F is for Family. In this season, we will say goodbye to the Murphy family whom we have been checking since 2015.

To date, F is for Family is one of the longest-running adult animated shows on Netflix. This is the show that has grown a dedicated fan base throughout the years and was given a final fifth season back in October 2020. We have been tracking the proper development about Season 5 of F is for Family. Some of the sources managed to have a proper interview and quick chat with Michael Price. Have a look to know everything.

What about your feelings going into the final season of F is for Family? 

This question was asked to Michael during the chat. Well, this is bittersweet but true for sure. He says that he is very much sad as this was the first series created by him and was the showrunner on and this has been a great, most challenging and most rewarding experience for him. In addition, he says that I’m very much thankful to Netflix for working on The Simpsons, which is in Season 33 and is still there in the running form. There are many of the shows that I wrote and they got cancelled even before I wrote the proper finale- but this is the first time when my show is coming to an end not just a final season but a final episode.

What about the changes made to production you’ve been working on throughout the pandemic? 

The pandemic really changed everything but the thing that did not get changed was the content of the show. The last day of ours in the writer’s room was in mid-February 2020. This was the last time when Michael gathered with Bill Burr and our producers Peter Billingsley and Victoria Vaughn to discuss everything possible for Season 5. Then everything went and we have not been in the same room since then.

What are the big surprises that we can expect from Season 5 of F is for Family?

There are certain guests and storylines that Michael kept under wraps for this time, but he says that you are going to meet the few members of the family that have been only heard about before or only seen briefly in flashbacks. So, frankly speaking, this is going to be a season full of surprises.

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