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Microsoft Shuts Down LinkedIn Platform In China

Microsoft Shuts Down LinkedIn Platform In China

Microsoft Shuts Down LinkedIn Platform: Let us know more about the big decision. LinkedIn is known to be the best platform for the job providers and job seekers. Microsoft has decided to shut down the platform in China. The officials have also stated it as a truth. Though the reason is not clear, there are a lot of rumors going on. Let us know more about the same. For the ones who use this platform on a regular basis, this is a big shock.

The corporation claimed a substantially more complex working environment and stricter compliance requirements in China as grounds for shutting down the Chinese version of its professional social network. We will keep you updated with the latest happening in the news.

What do the officials say about the news

While we’ve had success in helping Chinese users find jobs and economic opportunities, we haven’t had the same level of success in the more social aspects of sharing and staying informed,” according to LinkedIn. As a result, the corporation isn’t fully quitting China. It’s developing InJobs, a standalone job board app without a social feed or a method to exchange posts or articles. Stay connected for more updates.

When LinkedIn first started in China in February 2014, it agreed to follow official prohibitions and censor certain information. This year, though, there were some warning signals of disaster. In March, the business temporarily barred new Chinese users from signing up as it checked to see if it was complying with the country’s regulations. A few months later, China said that 105 apps, including LinkedIn, had broken data collecting laws.

More updates on Microsoft shuts down LinkedIn platform

The Microsoft-owned service was the last major American social network with an official presence in China.

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