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Microsoft’s $19.7 Billion Deal For Nuance Communications

Microsoft’s 19.7 Billion Deal For Nuance Communications

Microsoft’s $19.7 billion deal for Nuance Communications is all done. The European Commission stated on Tuesday that the proposed merger “would not raise any competition concerns” within the EU. It discovered that “Microsoft and Nuance provide quite distinct products” after studying the bid. Furthermore, it predicts that the company will continue to face “vigorous” competition in the future.

Microsoft to become a power with the deal

The Commission’s market examination revealed that rival healthcare transcription service providers do not rely on Microsoft for cloud computing services. The healthcare transcription service providers are not particularly heavy consumers of cloud computing services.

The collection of connections between Nuance’s transcription software and a variety of Microsoft applications. In the markets for (healthcare) transcription software, enterprise communication services, customer relationship management software, productivity software, and PC operating systems, the combined entity would not have the ability or incentive to foreclose its competitors, according to the Commission.

Transcription of data

Nuance can only use this data to perform its services, according to the Commission. Due to contractual limits and data protection regulations, it is not utilised by any other firm and cannot be used for any other reason. Furthermore, having access to such data does not give Microsoft a competitive advantage over competing healthcare software providers.

Microsoft’s 19.7 billion deal can be a trend setter

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority said on December 13th that it will probe the acquisition. With the government collecting public opinions until January 10th, 2022, the acquisition is unlikely to finalise by the end of 2021, as Microsoft had promised when it initially revealed its desire to purchase Nuance.

Microsoft’s $19.7 billion deal has a lot for the latest technologies. The industry will see a better growth. The acquisition has a lot of eyes over it. However, It is considered as a table turner for many out there.

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