Mike Mora Dies After Battling Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Mike Mora Dies After Battling Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

Mike Mora, Kelis’s husband, died just days after revealing his stage 4 stomach cancer diagnosis on social media.

In a statement to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, a spokesperson from Kelis’ management team confirmed the devastating news, saying, “Sadly, Mike Mora has died away.” As of the right moment, we ask that everyone respect Kelis and her family’s privacy.”

Mike Mora Died After Revealing The Disease On Social Media

The photographer died after initially disclosing his condition on social media in September 2021. He claimed in the article that it all began when he felt “the greatest agony” in his stomach, which led to appetite loss and back problems, prompting him to seek medical attention.

After consulting three experts and undergoing an endoscopic biopsy, the doctors diagnosed Mora with gastric adenocarcinoma or stage 4 stomach cancer. Despite his diagnosis, Mora was optimistic about the future and believed that others in similar situations might benefit through sharing his story.

A Heat Warming Note From The Photographer

After much deliberation, the photographer decided to post this. He said he did not do it because he wants people to feel sorry for his family or himself. He commented, “I’m posting this because life is full of the most unexpected occurrences. I did not imagine something like this could happen to me. I’m 36 years old, have three children, and have a wonderful wife. I want to be able to help individuals who may, hopefully, have an effect on something. By demonstrating that it is possible to succeed.”

Mike Mora stated that his problems began in September 2020. Also, he first felt stomach aches after relocating to a farm with his family south of Los Angeles. As Mora pointed out at the time, “I’m losing my appetite.” My back pain began to worsen as well. Finally, I decided to take action. It was past my bedtime. However, it was just in time.” Mora revealed that he finally grasped what was going on after a week of back-and-forth, and he welcomed his daughter with Kelis at the time.


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