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Mikey Tokyo Revengers: 5 Things You Need to Know About Him

Mikey Tokyo Revengers: 5 Things You Need to Know About Him

With its ever-increasing collection of colorful characters, Tokyo Revengers has something for everyone; cunning villains, complex anti-heroes, and the notorious crybaby protagonist. Without a doubt though, Mikey in Tokyo revengers is one of the most beloved figures throughout this unforgettable cast.

Hinata is the primary motivation for Takemichi’s time travel, but Mikey Sano remains at the crux of Tokyo Revengers’ main plot. He is a multi-faceted character that fans love to learn more about and if you are one of them, here are some facts you may still need to learn. 

Let’s take a look at 5 fun facts about Mikey.

1. Mikey in Tokyo Revengers Loves Sweets

A major part of Mikey’s captivating personality is his childlike demeanor. Like an innocent kid, he often relishes sugary treats; particularly Japanese pastries. His top picks are without a doubt his adored dorayaki (that which causes him to sulk after mistakenly dropping it out of his mouth while fighting) and taiyaki.

Mikey is an avid fan of azuki (also known as adzuki) bean paste so much so that dorayaki and taiyaki are amongst his favorite pastries. Dorayaki consists of two pancake-like patties sandwiching the sweet red specialty, while taiyaki contains it inside a fish-shaped pastry. 

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2. He can Fall Asleep Anywhere

Mikey is an unstoppable force on the battlefield and he has the unique talent of being able to fall asleep just about anywhere. Each morning, Mikey needs a wake-up call from Draken before heading off to school where he proceeds to sleep (or as he calls it “charge”) through all his classes. Lunchtime consists of more sleeping during lunch break followed by taking care of any Toman business around town with Draken riding along on his motorcycle late at night until bedtime when this peculiar cycle begins anew.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers: 5 Things You Need to Know About Him

3. Mikey is a Talented Motorcycle Mechanic

Mikey has not only mastered the skill of riding a motorcycle but has also developed his expertise in assembling and fixing them. His relationship with Shinichiro had been strong since Mikey’s childhood; being an experienced mechanic himself, Shinichiro ran S.S MOTOR — his own bike shop.

Mikey spent a lot of time at his older brother’s bike shop, observing and eventually absorbing the best tips for being an excellent motorbike mechanic. Eventually, he was able to tune, assemble and fix bikes with ease due to all of the knowledge gained from hanging around his brother.

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4. Mikey Only Looks Up to Himself

On the surface, Mikey appears to be an egotistical individual; however, he has earned this reputation. According to Tokyo Manji Gang’s first official character book, Mikey is not intimidated by anyone and values himself highly. Everyone in the gang looks up to him as their leader due to his exceptional capabilities and they are right for doing so.

Although Mikey may appear to be unstable at times, his mental and physical strength is nothing short of impressive especially when one considers the many challenges he has endured. Despite a damaged inner psyche, Mikey maintains an attitude of fortitude and refuses to display any vulnerability. Even Draken respects Mikey’s leadership as Toman leader, yet somehow Mikey remains humble rather than succumbing to ego inflation.

5. Mikey’s Name Has a Deep Meaning

Mikey’s name has a deep-rooted meaning and is not simply for aesthetic purposes. His first name Manjiro translates to “ten thousand” (man), “next” (ji), and “son” (ro). This symbolic name reflects his extraordinary might as he possesses the strength of numerous men combined. Meanwhile, “Mikey” roughly translates into “who is like God”, once again emphasizing Mikey’s indestructible position in Toman.

Mikey’s last name Sano holds a powerful message in its translation – “help” or “aid” (sa), and “field, wilderness” (no). This is likely reflective of Mikey’s untamed nature, yet he also requires the assistance and guidance of his friends even through tough times due to his might.

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