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Moon Knight in Retrospect: Setting up Elder Gods to Face Christian Bale in Thor 4

Moon Knight in Retrospect: Setting up Elder Gods to Face Christian Bale in Thor 4

Moon Knight, an American TV miniseries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) created by Jeremy Slater for Disney+ is popular for featuring characters with the same names.

MCU takes cinema lovers on a tour of the powers and prowess of some popular Egyptian Gods in his series that is revisited here.

This piece about the popular Moon Night miniseries exposes how Moon Night set up Elder Gods to face Christian Bale in the Thor 4 episode.

The Introduction of Khonshu by MCU to achieve Its Plot

MCU’s introduction of Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon God, and also an elder God, was a secret ploy to bring into action, other elder gods, Gorr, the God Butcher.

Moon Knight in Retrospect: Setting up Elder Gods to Face Christian Bale in Thor 4

Origin, History, And Evolution of The Elder Gods, According to MCU

Demiurge accorded the status of creator here caused Set, Oshtur, Gaea, and Chthon, the elder gods to come into being after creating the earth.

Set began the degeneration of the ‘god system’ by exerting cruel dominance on the other elder gods, by devouring them to increase his powers. Other elder gods except Gaea began to toe the path created by Set, and soon they became demons. 

While Oshtur exited the earth before the abnormalities initiated by Set began to explore the stars, Gaea mated with Demiurge and begot Atum the Sun God Amon-Ra or Ra. Ra later begot Khonshu, who chose the Sun King as his earthly avatar and, subsequently became a Moon Night Villain.

Oshtur was also responsible for the birth of Agamotto, the first earth’s supreme sorcerer, and the creation of the supreme sorcerer’s patron, the Vishanti (three supernatural creatures).

Agamotto in turn brought into being, the Eye of Agamotto, and the Book of Vishanti.

Jurisdictions of The Elder Gods And Thor 4

MC, through Knull the king of Symbiotes revealed in King in Black that Khonshun is not only the Moon God but also possesses the status of an elder god. Here, Chthon, also an elder god, was acknowledged as the beholder of Chaos, Magic, and the creator of Darkhold. 

Gorr The God Butcher And The Wielding Power of The All-Black Necrosword

Moon Knight marveled at viewers with the enormous powers displayed by the All-Black Necrosword in this series that showcased the war among the Cthulhu mythos deities.

The All-Black Necrosword, the weapon of war of Gorr the God Butcher, which was first wielded by Knull in the comics, was made from Knull’s shadow.

Gorr took custody of the Necrosword when it fell off from Knull during a war between Knull and another god. 

The All-Black Necroswords bestows unimaginable powers on its wielder. Like possession of a god-like strength, the ability to travel in space, powers to adjust and shift shapes, and powers to regenerate and manipulate dark energy. Gorr marveled at his adversaries with the All-Black Necrosword.

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