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Morbius Review: Critics Disappointed By Marvel

Morbius Review: Critics Disappointed By Marvel

Morbius has become somewhat of a joke inside the Marvel fandom; after breaking The New Mutants’ delay mark with six release date adjustments. The vampire played by Jared Leto is becoming the second anti-hero in Sony’s Spider-Man spin-off world. Fans aren’t too excited. Interest in the trailer on social media is still modest, and its comments are tepid at best.

However, following Spider-Man: No Way Home’s tumultuous thrill trip and Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s astounding Multiversal links; some fans are excited to know what surprises Morbius may have for them. The unexpected addition of Michael Keaton’s Vulture has already come up in the trailers. However, fans are still hoping for a Spider-Man visit from Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or Tobey Maguire. However, based on early review speculations, Morbius may not live up to the years of anticipation; as evidence points to Sony’s uninteresting and uneven mess.

Morbius Review: Critics Disappointed By Marvel

The Early Morbius Review Isn’t Very Positive.

As reviewers began to take a seat for the first viewings of Sony’s following Marvel picture; Geeks Worldwide writer Brandon Matthews gave a depressing Morbius update on Twitter. According to Matthews, some journalists who have watched the video for publicity have regarded it as uninteresting, uncalculated, and inconsistent. Insiders pointed to some positives, claiming that it had a few decent moments and 2 to 3 Easter eggs. However, most people believe it’s better to wait for the home video release.

So, Is Morbius Worth Watching?

After years of frustrating delays, the purported early reactions indicate that Sony’s Morbius is still a flop. It’s no surprise, as anticipation for Sony’s recent Marvel project has been low from the start; with trailers failing to pique interest.

Although the first critics to sit down and see Morbius doesn’t appear to be having much fun with it; that doesn’t mean moviegoers won’t. Venom has a 30 percent critics’ approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, yet an 81 percent audience approval rating. This incident demonstrates that reporters and fans are not always on the same page, especially regarding Sony’s Marvel world.


The idea of a few “happy moments” and a few Easter eggs does provide some ray of optimism. However, the recommendation to “simply watch it when it comes home” hints that Morbius will not be as groundbreaking or startling as Venom’s Multiversal post-credits sequence.

The lack of urgency to see Morbius in cinemas also signals doom for rumors and conjecture of a Spider-Man cameo. It’s worth noting that Matthews’ remarks are predicated on the comments of a few journalists with whom he has spoken; making it impossible to predict where the total critical and audience reaction will fall.

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