Multiple Reddit Apps Are Shutting Down Amidst Outrage Over API Updates

Multiple Reddit Apps Are Shutting Down Amidst Outrage Over API Updates
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Reddit introduced some API updates and some policy changes around third-party apps in April. These changes have infuriated almost all developers who develop for the platform. The consensus among developers is that Reddit is trying to kill all third-party apps in favor of official Reddit apps.

Apollo was one of the first apps to announce an impending shutdown. Developer, Christan Selig, revealed that it will cost $20 million to run the app after the new API updates. The app will be shutting down on June 30th. Apollo is not the only app that’s shutting down owing to excessive pricing. Other apps that are going to close down are ReddPlanet, Sync, and “rif is fun for Reddit”. 

RIF will shut down on June 30, 2023, in response to Reddit’s API changes
by u/talklittle in redditisfun

None of the developers want to close down their apps, it is just that the expenses are too much to bear after the latest API updates. The fact that Reddit has banned explicit content on third-party apps while allowing it on official apps is also partially causing the outrage. Developers think Reddit’s treatment of third-party developers has been hostile of late.

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The developer of ReddPlanet wrote,

The hurdles placed on third party apps by reddit just aren’t a feasible obstacle to overcome. With the removal of explicit content, the unreasonable pricing structure, short time period, lack of responsiveness, and unwillingness to come to a middle ground, reddit has shown that their intent is to extinguish all 3rd parties.

The developer of rif is fun for Reddit stated,

unfortunately shown a consistent unwillingness to compromise on all points.

“Working on this app has been a labor of love and my life for the past decade”, said the developer of Sync. He added, “with how things stand I can’t see any other way” but to shut down the app.

Some major Reddit communities have decided to run a 48 hour strike in protest of the new API updates and other policy changes. At this point, Reddit has exempted accessibility apps from the API changes. 

Reddit is hosting an AMA with CEO Steve Huffman on Friday at 1.30 PM (ET).


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