Myths Busted About Online Degrees

Myths Busted About Online Degrees

We all know that technology these days plays a huge role in everything. People in all terms are making good use of technology, saving their time, money, and effort. Seeing this, online learning has come in helping many people who are working or self-employed. This has been a great help, especially to women who want to pursue their education but are not able to do so because of family responsibilities. This is a great way to update your skills which opens the way for good career opportunities. There are many online master’s degree, graduate degrees, and professional certifications.

Digital education has become a norm in other nations and is gaining popularity in India as well. There are many reputed universities offering full-time degrees like online MBA, online BCA, online, and much more. Also, if we compare both modes, both hold the same value in the market and are offered the same level of job opportunities. Seeing this, people are catching up with this trend and are balancing their work-life balance efficiently. In online learning, you get flexible timings, multiple options, less fee, learning anytime anywhere, expert assistance, and whatnot. Also, in terms of quality education, online learning institutes provide the best faculty having years of experience. The exams are conducted online with the proctoring software.

Even if you are confused, the following are some points busting myths about online degrees:

  • Holds the same value- Many people think that an online degree does not hold the same value as an offline degree does. But in reality, it does hold the same value. Everything starting from syllabus, pattern, tests, practicals, quizzes, etc. is conducted in the same manner. The only difference is that the student can attend the lecture at his/her own convenient time. Also, under UGC, many institutes provide programs online. In 2018, UGC announced offering online degrees and certifications to students for career advancements, stating that online degrees will hold the same value.
  • High-quality education- Some have thought that online platforms do not provide high-quality education when compared with the offline learning method. But one should know that we are making the best use of technology. Every lecture is well recorded and the student can have access to it anytime anywhere. Also, every test conducted will be proctored, so the students will be given the right score depending on their performance. Online education is given the highest standards of quality to retain its accreditation and recognition. In-depth subject knowledge is provided in online classes making sure to perform well in exams.
  • E-learning is fun- It is obvious that people learning on their own with the help of lectures and videos find it fun in comparison to attending physical classes. Though the students should be active in attending the lectures. Some think that e-learning is just basic and easy. It is not true as the syllabus and the pattern is just the same as in offline learning. It requires a great level of discipline in attending lectures, meeting deadlines for assignments and practical, tests, etc.
  • Expensive- When people hear the term online, they make an assumption that it will be expensive. But in the case of online learning, the fee structure is less than offline learning. Offline learning includes many hidden fees like university fees, infrastructure fees, traveling expenses, etc. But in online learning, you just have to invest in a good laptop and need to have a good internet connection and you are good to go. The fees are relatively less for online learning in comparison to offline learning.
  • Study material- Students assume that they will not be provided with the best study material in online classes. But the well-recognized institutes and universities believe in providing quality study material to their students making sure they perform well in their exams.
  • Financing options and scholarships- Many online learning platforms provide no-cost EMIs to fund your education. Also, many of them provide attractive scholarships especially to defense personnel, government employees, differently-abled people, and students who are performing well. This way they can get all the incentives in online learning.

So above are some of the myths busted about online degrees and certifications. If you are also planning for an online bachelor degree or master’s degree, you can do it from ‘Online Manipal’. They have all the courses and professional certifications like online BCA, online, and online BBA, etc. In case you are interested, you can contact them online and they will get back to you. Make sure to ask them about everything in case you are not clear about any course or diploma. You can visit their online platform to know the course duration, eligibility, and fee. Also, it will only be beneficial if you do it from a well-recognized institution.

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