Navigating The City As A Motorcyclist

Navigating The City As A Motorcyclist

When you’re moving out of the home, your first, second, and third thoughts are going to be about preparing for the move so that you have a smooth time leaving and getting into your new home. However, you also have a responsibility to make sure that you leave the home in good condition for the next owners or tenants. Here are a few tips to make sure that you leave your home in the right condition.

Visibility is number one

The first thing you should get out of your mind is that looking cool is more important than staying safe. Make sure that you’re wearing reflective gear, especially at night, or that you at least have reflective strips or mirrors on the motorcycle itself so that you’re a lot easier to see when you’re on the road.

Don’t ride without the right gear

Aside from visibility, you should make sure that you’re dressed to mitigate injuries as best as possible. If you want to know the kind of gear that you should be investing in, then you should be looking at the most common motorcycle accident injuries. Deep grazes and cuts due to being dragged or sliding across the ground at high speeds are some of the most common injuries, which is why thick padded jackets and bottoms are highly recommended. As the saying goes, dress for the slide, not for the ride.

Keep focused on your surroundings

This is true of any environment but, in the city, it becomes much easier for new vehicles, pedestrians, or other threats to appear from all sides. Don’t focus only on the traffic around. If you need some help getting into the hobby of keeping your eyes around you, then some safety gear like blind-spot detection gear for motorcycles can help you make sure that you’re getting some warning.

Keep your distance when a vehicle is turning

Yes, other drivers may not use their indicators as often as they should, and, yes, cities tend to be full of many more turnings than other driving environments. However, you should avoid complacency and avoid impatience. When larger vehicles are turning, you’re likely to be in their blind spot. Avoid trying to pull up on the inside of a larger vehicle at any point where you’re approaching and turn and always keep in mind: you’re at more risk of injury than they are.

Know your roads

Road conditions in a city can change very often. Aside from making sure that you’re equipped to deal with wet roads or, even worse, ice on the roads (which you deal with by not riding on, when possible), you should stay updated on road conditions. There are websites that track changes in road conditions so you should get to know how your route is faring before you head off.

Wherever you ride, you need to know the risks. Hopefully, the tips above make you a little more aware of those that might be lurking in the city so you can ride with confidence.

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