Net Worth: How To Calculate It

Net Worth: How To Calculate It

We all have savings or debts that determine net worth of each of us. This amount measures an individual’s financial health and affects overall well-being. Today we will discuss how to figure out your net worth and what to do with that knowledge.

What is Net Worth?

A net worth of a person is associated with the amount we get when we add up all assets and debts. In other words, it is the cash equivalent of all your purchases. Net worth is also divided into negative or positive in order to show the actual financial health of an individual. Remember, your salary also does not determine your net worth.

What is my net worth knowledge usefulness? Understanding your financial status helps you see actual earnings and plan spendings more effectively. It is also essential for those who dream about financial independence. Here are just a few of the benefits that monitoring your spend-to-earnings ratio can provide:

  • Rational income spending;
  • Improved credit rating;
  • Faster debt repaying;
  • Saving and investing ability.

Why is understanding net worth essential? You could be earning $10,000 a month and think that’s your real income without paying attention to the debts you owe. This approach seems logical but won’t help you get out of debt. Instead, you will plan your budget based on an amount that exceeds your actual income. It will lead you to nothing but new loans to cover the money gap. Conversely, planning your budget according to your net income will help you allocate earnings wisely and pay off debts faster.

Before submitting an application for a large loan or mortgage, you might also need to define net worth. Banks must evaluate your financial situation before approving a loan, it is a truth. Therefore, your application is more likely to get accepted the good income-outcome ratio. How much am I worth? We bet you are already curious about tis, so let’s move to the next paragraph.

How Do You Calculate Net Worth?

It would be helpful if you made an estimate of your income, assets, expenses, and obligations before responding to this question. Here is a checklist of things to pay particular attention to:

  • Bank, Stockbroker’s, and Retirement accounts;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Cars, Real Estate, Jewelry, etc;
  • Cash;
  • Medical bills, loans, mortgages.

You can manually calculate the ratios or use the automatic net worth finder such as Saldo Finance. The multi-tasking app can become your favorite personal net worth calculator and budget creator on one screen. How does it work? The tool syncs with your banking institution and automatically measures your expenses and income, showing your actual balance. To calculate net worth, enter the sum of your cash savings, assets, and debts. The app automatically summarizes these items in your balance sheet, showing them in real time. The track expenses app will be an indispensable budgeting aid. You can plan future expenses, optimize spending by specific categories or set a limit for the entire budget. As a result, your net worth will grow monthly, and your money worries will decrease.

Now you know how to calculate your net worth. Remember that whatever it is, your value will always be higher. However, with orderly finances, your life will be much more peaceful and fulfilling. So you can get your bookkeeping in order and devote yourself to what really matters.


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