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Netflix CEO says he ”screwed up” on Dave Chappelle as employees’ walkout

Netflix CEO says he ''screwed up'' on Dave Chappelle as employees’ walkout

On Wednesday, dozens of employees of Netflix staged a move out from the company building in California, US, against the streaming huge decision to play comedian Dave Chappelle’s new special show, The Closer. The employee who is a protestor of the show said that Chappelle’s standup mock transgender people. Many people who are not employees of Netflix also joined this protest supporting the walkout called the Stand–up in Solidarity. According to the NYT report, few Netflix employees working remotely also close their laptops and off work for a day at noon. The protestor says and carries a sign that “Hey Netflix: Do better” and “Transphobia is not a joke.” 

Chappelle, in the special, reportedly line up himself as Team TERF that stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Chappelle also says to critiques that he has received from the LGBTQ group in the special. “Whatever comedian says in his comedy show does not matter, and it does not have actual impact. I don’t have an issue with his sense of humor, but to say gender issue is genuine and to match with TERFs, who want to oppose the reality and existence of transgender people being the gender that they genuinely in their mind and heart is harmful. Bridget Sampson, who is not a Netflix employee and has a transgender daughter, told CNN.

Netflix CEO says he ''screwed up'' on Dave Chappelle as employees’ walkout

At the time, he told the employees that Netflix is never allowed titles “that are created to encourage hate or violence, and we don’t believe The Closer crosses that line.” 

Now, Sarandos said that he regrets the situation he handles with employees. “I screwed up that internal communication,” – he says in an interview with Variety. Firstly I should speak with more humanity. I mean that our team member is feeling pain and hurt from a decision we decide. I think you should analyze before getting into the deep analysis. 

As part of the walkout, the employees will mention demands for Netflix, and Sarandos has been meeting them to hear their views. He said that organization is committed to inclusion, and it is equally committed to supporting artistic freedom with creators who are working at Netflix. He also says that Netflix stream is not adding a disclaimer in front of employees requested and put the reason Chappelle himself initially provided a warning. 

Sarandos also says that the problem of transparency in the organization after an employee was fired after leaking inner information and confidential documents showing viewers figures for Netflix shows that includes Chappelle’s previous particular. We are intensely committed to transparency in our system – he told THR. We also have massive trust in our employees that we continue to secure, but we don’t have any plan to alter our internal operation around them. 

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