Netflix To Come Up With Season 2 Of ‘Love, Death And Robots’ In May 2021

Netflix To Come Up With Season 2 Of ‘Love, Death And Robots’ In May 2021

‘Love, Death and Robots’ is returning with Season 2 on Netflix. All thanks to the leaked trailer and official announcement by Netflix that the ‘Love, Death and Robots’ season 2 will come in May 2021. To know everything about the Netflix series, read the article till  the end.

What is the renewal status for Season 2 of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’?

On June 10th, 2019, the streaming platform Netflix announced that ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is going to return with Season 2. However, in the promotional videos, it sadly used the previous clips from Season 1 but it was confirmed that ‘Love, Death and Robots’ will return with Season 2.

When will ‘Love, Death and Robots’ Season 2 release on Netflix?

In February 2020, Inverse managed to have an interview with one of the composers of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’. Rob Cairns is the composer who gave an insight into the development and said I have seen a couple of scripts for Season 2 of ‘Love, Death and Robots’ and have already started discussions with the directors. But he said nothing about the release date for Season 2 of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’.

We predicted 2021 for a while but all thanks to the leaked trailer of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’. From this leaked trailer, we got to know about the release date for the series. However, Netflix has now officially posted the trailer for the ‘Love, Death and Robots’ series on YouTube. So, we can easily confirm that Season 2 for ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is coming on Netflix on Friday 14th May 2021.

Get ready as Season 2 of ‘Love, Death and Robots’ will soon be streaming on Netflix.  

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