Netflix to Feature “Wedding Season” with Tom Dey this year

Netflix to Feature Wedding Season with Tom Dey this yearh
Netflix to Feature Wedding Season with Tom Dey this yearh

The recent announcement by the sources says that Director Tom Dey is teaming up with Netflix for his upcoming project “Wedding Season” to be filmed this year. The movie is expected to be a successful and progressive comedy production. According to the sources, it will be directed around April 2021. The characteristic movie will feature one of the galore drama diagnostic films coming down the enactment to Netflix.

Netflix has recently been very successful in featuring comedy hits in its famous shows and movies. The reason Tom Dey partnered with Netflix for this feature is that Netflix always has a focus on comedy movies in the top 10 list especially in the US and UK.

The director, Tom Dey has previously directed some well-versed comedy feature films. The biggest example is Shanghai Noon starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, which in fact was one of his greatest works. However, the “Wedding season” will be Tom Dey’s return to the industry as he has not directed anything after 2010s Marmaduke.

Netflix to Feature Wedding Season with Tom Dey this year
Netflix to Feature Wedding Season with Tom Dey this year

This upcoming comedy feature will be filmed in Toronto in April 2021.

All the production heads are working really hard to make this a success and hence, the potential viewer’s list is increasing day-by-day. People get even more excited when we tell them that this will be produced by Swati Shetty.

Any other information about this has not come out yet, thus making the potential viewers more excited in suspense. Stay tuned to us as we will come up with the latest information regarding this when the production departments reveal them.

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